Saturday, February 2, 2013

Household supplies

Exercise ball purchased at Aldi's for special needs kid. Coffee carafe from Xpect. Great grip on it (really important for me, with my hand issues) picked it up as I saw it. 2 carbon monoxide alarms (one here is being wonky, batteries changed, wonky again. I suspect it's aged out. Date of manufacture is 2003, I have no way of knowing when it was installed, however. @@ So, for our safety, I now have 2 including a fancy-schmantzy one that has a digital read out, never needs a battery for it's life of 10 years. Both will be coming with me when I leave. Final purchase: a LED solar powered spot light for the driveway. Although there are 3 sets of 2 each floodlights at different corners of this home, they don't work, an electrician was here on other matters and told me that if I wanted it looked into (and it would take hours as this house is "interestingly" put together, it would be on my tab, not the landlords. So, no thanks. I do have a porch light that illuminates in front of the garage a bit, so that has been a help. This is also motion activated. Really cool, literally just came in to Home Depot. $28. No electrical hookup needed, and another item that will go with me when I leave this rental. I wasn't sure if I'd need 2, so I'll have one put up, see how it goes, get another as needed.


Belinda said...

We have one of those LED solar powered spot lights for the driveway/stair entrance into the house. Ours is also motion activated. It works great for that section and stays lit long enough for us to get into or out of the house. Another great way to save money by not using electricity. :)

Nancy said...

I bought one of those spotlights last summer but my middle son (aka the 'handyman') has yet to put it up. I want it on the back of the house to provide some light in our very dark fenced in yard for letting the dogs in and out. A second one is on my "to buy" list for installing at the back of the yard on the fence itself. We've had some raccoon sightings in the yard of the vacant home next door and I want to be able to see if there is a potential problem when the dogs go out at night. I love the solar lights, we have ground lights in the front of the house. We also purchased a motion sensitive light for above our side door at the driveway, that way the light is only on when it needs to be. And since my teens were awful about remembering to pull the chain to turn off the ceiling lights in the cellar we installed screw in motion senstive plugs into the existing ceiling light fixtures and now the lights come on and off automatically. Nice since we used to have to cross half the cellar in the dark to reach the light since there are no switches available for these lights.

CTMOM said...

Although the days are noticably longer, it still is so dark at 6:20 when we leave (bus arrives 6:23), so I am forced to leave the porch light on all day, at least it's a CFL. The idea of solar lighting is so ME, and a LED fixture? Excellent. PRice wasn't bad either. Garage sits in sunlight all day so this will be a good location. Question remains as to whether a second light for the front, and perhaps a third? for the back of the house are needed. Since these will not be wired to anything, no electrical charges, and they come with me when I move.

Belinda said...

Oh, we have that problem about leaving while it is still dark in the morning too, Carol. I'm lucky that my Dad will come over and turn the light off for us. Mom used to carry a flashlight with her to get in and out of the house, but I always forgot mine.

Will be easy enough to take with you when you move too. :)