Monday, February 11, 2013

Hot Cross buns

Time to make hot cross buns for Lent. Since I am off work today, due to the blizzard clean up, I am getting a jump on my baking. After wincing at the prices local stores were charging, I taught myself to make these a few years ago, turning to the ABM for mixing up and proofing the dough. Come out great, use ingredients on hand (although I don't also have golden raisins, these will just be all regular raisins this year).

First proofing done in ABM, rested the dough, divided it, it's now proofing again before getting an egg glaze and baking off.

The finished product, yummy!

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Aunty Bee said...

We only eat Hot Cross buns after Good Friday, on the Easter weekend.Though the shops sell them in Lent, most of the people I know wouldn't dream of breaking tradition and eat them early. It's always interesting reading about other countries traditions. I enjoy your blog, but don't like your weather at the moment we are enjoying a very warm, hot summer.