Monday, February 18, 2013

Home repairs/maintenance

Handyman was here again today, to tackle a punch list of assorted items for me, including laying down rug pads that finally got delivered as well as my dining room area rug, which was stuck in Stratford, CT for a week, due to the blizzard. I am very happy with this last rug, as well as the others I recently bought. This particular one, I intentionally went with a very neutral theme as I don't know what my next home will be like, decor wise. If there ends up not being a separate dining room, no worries, this would become my Master bedroom rug.

Additional tasks today: install 3 LED solar motion detection spot lights (2 in driveway,one on back deck), install 2 carbon monoxide monitors, affix several nails/screws/hooks/cup hooks, cut down and install a missing bed slat, lubricate the 5 vintage Cosco folding chairs I recently purchased, take down 4 narrow rolling shades that don't fully cover the 2 triple windows in the dining room (center window was left uncovered, these were all too short), install 4 wider matching rolling shades that I took down from the office area, placing 2 over each of the triple dining windows. We now have good privacy screening and sunlight control, especially important come Summer.

Expensive to pay for these services, but we are at the tail end now of getting things the way that I want them to be, most of the upgrades included are for things that will come with me when I move out. I pinch monies from here and there in my overall budget, in order to cover these services.


janie said...

What a pretty rug.

Enjoy the day, Janie

Belinda said...

The rug is beautiful, Carol!!

CTMOM said...

Thank you, Janie and Belinda. I am very happy with it.