Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Got this in your pantry?

 Got chilli powder, cumin, Paprika, onion powder, garlic powder and cayenne pepper (optional, this is the give it heat part)? The first 4 large bottles were purchased for $1 or less at stores such as XPect/Marc's, Aldi's, Christmas Tree shop. The Lawry's garlic powder and McCormick cayenne were both purchased using COUPONS. Rare, but true around the holidays. You are looking at $6 or less total.

If you have the above, you already have the ingredients to make your own Taco seasoning mix, without salt (my preference), without mystery ingredients and fillers. Really-a $1 a pouch for that stuff? I have a repurposed salsa jar filled with a triple batch using about 1/6 of a jar of each ingredient (at most). 18 batches worth for $6, leaving me spices in the end as well. Each batch is about 2 meals' worth so 32 packets or 19 cents per "pouch" worth and these are estimates.  I'll keep making my own. It took me all of a few minutes. Got little people in the house? they'd love to measure if not shake the refilled jar when you are done.

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