Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting ready


Appointments for DS brought me near a Home Depot, so I took advantage of the proximity and brought along 2 items for return (a shipping error) and subsequently spend almost as much as I was credited back. The handyman service returns on Monday to address some things for me, and I needed some supplies as a result. While they do allow the tech to shop for you, it's on the clock and you get charged mileage as well. I'll shop, thanks.

I picked up 2 more solar powered LED motion sensor floodlights, so I will have a total of 3 installed. More 6 ml poly sheeting to have additional windows covered outside, duct tape to adhere it, 3 in 1 oil aka "sewing machine oil", WD40 for loosening up the Salvation Army thrift shop, vintage Cosco folding chairs recently purchased, 40 lbs ice melt.

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