Monday, February 18, 2013

Furnishings on a budget: the kitchen dinette

 This is the formica topped, black painted steel (?) legged rectangular table with a leaf (taken out as the space is smaller)that Mom culled from the workers refurbishing her work break room, before it was going to the dumpster- circa 1988. She new that I was moving from a studio to a townhouse appartment and needed a kitchen table. Perfect. Eventually, it was replaced, but I hung onto this table as it was a good, sturdy one and I knew that it could be a craft table, a laundry table, etc.
 Here is one of the recently acquired, Cosco folding chairs, now cleaned and WD40'd. Really are like new condition, hardly used. They certainly match my formica table in era if nothing else.
Here's the dinette, can squeeze one more seat in at the end, if needed. This suits us just fine. While I do want to repaint the table legs this Summer, the table remains in very good condition. Covered with fresh table linens, I think it makes for a cheery spot for a meal. Cost? $12.76 with the tax, for these 4 chairs. Everything else (candle is new to me, as is the candle jar shade-see Saver's post)such as dishware, linens were already owned. Also pictured is my new $64 plus tax Home Depot rug which has really worked in keeping the floors warm when seated at the table. I didn't bother with an underpad as the metal legs of the table hold it firmly in place against the linoleum tiled floor.


Belinda said...

It looks really nice, Carol. I love your table linens too. :)

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Belinda. I was lucky to have things that matched my new kitchen in this rental. My things aren't new, most are pre-loved, but they are paid for, they are clean and serviceable which is what matters to me. : )