Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Furnace update

Image: http://www.westallisheating.com/uploads/sql/tbl_slides/827770430_furnace-repair-100_0395.jpg

This is how I spend my "vacation," dealing with service appointments such as the annual service appointment for the furnace and having the issues previously posted about, addressed. Turns out that the third zone valve was broken, therefor whenever the other zones called for heat, it would get it, too. Ugh.

Annual service/cleaning-check
Replace broken zone valve-check (now I can hopefully watch my oil bills go down!)
Missing goop on flue replaced-check
Radiators bleed-deemed not necessary. Tech was able to check on any air in the lines from down cellar, so no need-Check
Scalding water-just a negative to this type of a hot water system

LL has a "basic" service plan so the repairs are an additional charge of $292. I will be forwarding the bill in today's mail. Glad that I don't have to eat that cost. My oil bills are bad enough.

So, I've done what I could with the furnace situation. It's a good furnace, the faulty zone valve replaced. Now to get the info I was supposed to get yesterday, for forwarding on to the landlord, so she will hopefully agree to at least reinsulate the attic.


janie said...

Hope your oil bills will go down now and the LL will insulate.

She should be glad to make these changes. It will only help sell the property when you decide to move out.

Good luck, Janie

Pamela said...

Yikes, what a hassle. Here's hoping your landlady insulates the attic!