Monday, February 11, 2013

Fish on Monday: creamed salmon

A family favorite here: Creamed salmon to be served over boiled potatoes, sides are tossed salad with choice of dressing, fzn peas. I long ago switched from fresh salmon to frozen fillets or canned red. Red salmon is now cost prohibitive at $8 or so/can so I switched to pink salmon, which is now escalating. Best price is $2.69 at Aldi's for wild caught, AK salmon, a type that I insist on. I prefer to keep AK fishermen is business vs the Chinese-who are increasingly taking over this market. While I did find alternative brands of canned salmon recently at Xpect, I was disappointed to learn that they are from China. They sit on the shelf.

My dinner plate


Shara said...

Is the salmon from Aldi boneless?

CTMOM said...

Shara,Aldi's 15 oz canned salmon is like Bumble Bee and the other brands. There are both the thin bones (leave in as they "disolve") and the circular ones, which i remove. HTH

Blissfulbutterfly said...

I recently read that farm raised fish in China are fed pig feces and this has been approved for U.S. consumers. Disgusting! Even more of an incentive to buy fresh, U.S. caught fish. I used to buy tilapia in the bag at Walmart because it's budget friendly, but stopped doing so after realizing they were farm raised in China. I no longer even buy farm raised fish from the U.S. These days we have to be so careful about what we're consuming because of all the horrible ingredients allowed in the food supply.