Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 2013 groceries


Tallied my receipts from yesterday:

Feb 2013 grocery budget:
Store: $300
Restaurant: $50
CSA: $50 *(my CSA is on hiatus this upcoming 2013 season and I've found another that'll work for me, fewer weeks, a bit of a drive to the town over, but do-able. $500 vs $600. I have an email in to them to find out when applications (first come/first served) will be available. If this goes through, then $41.67 for CSA, adding $8.33 to the grocery store allotment)

Expenditures to date:
store: $143.25 ($156.75 remains)
Restaurant: $8.06 ($41.94 remains)
CSA: ?

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