Friday, February 8, 2013

Draconian measures? I think not!


As I have my lunch of leftovers today, I am also sipping some leftover tea that I reheated in a pan on the woodstove, such as is being done in the image above, difference being, however, that I use a lid to speed the process along. Why heat the electric stove or even the microwave when I already have an energy source going and available?

Some may find some of my "tricks" to be a bit over the top, Draconian. These tricks, however, are helping me to keep my expenses as low as possible, sometimes slipping lower than I even anticipated. Case in point, my new electric bill:

Photo is a bit blurry, but it shows that my bill for Jan-Feb (29 days) is only $91.42, with the Dec-Jan bill running $111.46. My electric budget is $133/mo.

By keeping expenses lower, it frees up funds for other things such as my recent purchases of a living room, a dining room,as well as a dinette rug, along with 2 under pads. This works for me, I have priorities such as putting every extra penny into savings for our next home.


Lili said...

Draconian, no. Determined, yes! You have a goal that you are working hard towards, that's all.

When we first bought our house we needed to replace the furnace. So we did similar things to shave our bills. If you shave them enough, you can save a substantial amount of money over time.

When I baked bread in winter. Instead of having it rise in the oven with the light on, I placed the loaves in their pans on the ledge above our fireplace.

When taking showers, while waiting for the water to heat, we collected the cold water in a large plastic bucket (5 gal size). We used this water to flush toilets and rinse cloth baby diapers.

Am I glad that we can afford to not need to do those things? Yes. But I'm willing to go there again if need be some day. And I know that I "can" do these things.

Cheapchick said...

Do you have a gameplan as to when you are buying your next home? Cheers!

Frugal Queen said...

not draconian, just sensible, it's everyone else who's getting it wrong xxx

janie said...

Good job!!!

Why give others the money. Save and use for your benefit, not others. I say... Great Job!! More power to you.


CTMOM said...

Spring 2016

DW said...

I'd hardly call you Draconian. The electric utility has more $$ than you do, no sense in giving them more ;)

Nancy said...

I think your ideas are awesome and they sure do work. Carry on!

Belinda said...

Wonderful!!! I love how low you got your electric bill this month. WTG!!

CTMOM said...

Belinda, my savings in this and other budget accounts is going to cover my expenditure on rugs. Robbing Peter to pay Paul kind of deal.