Sunday, February 24, 2013

Celebrations: Easter

This is a case of get it while you see it, as it may not be there when you want it. I picked up the candy for the 4 children's Easter baskets, after consulting with College girl and College boy, who voted to KEEP the Easter candy tradition going. ; )

$26.37 with tax = $6.35/child. Seems higher than last year, I'd have to check.


Lili said...

My three kids still love their Easter baskets, too.

Cheapchick said...

Kids (any age) are never too old for treats :)

j udy said...

I have to laugh because I mentioned it this weekend to oldest and younges (23-17) and you would have thought I asked them to drag there grandmother out in the street and kick her or something.

Not so much candy this year not sure what..still working on that one

Nancy said...

My teens as well as middle son who is in his mid 20s all still expect Easter baskets. I will be checking out what they have at Aldi this week.