Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blizzard warning


Fairfield county is now under a blizzard warning for Friday thru Saturday. 12-24 inches is currently predicted as storm Charlotte plows up the coast for an old fashioned Nor'easter storm.

Am I prepared?

Car: tank topped today, will be backed into the garage. It's front wheel drive so if I have to get out of Dodge, I just may be able to

Cash: stopping at the ATM for a withdrawl tomorrow afternoon, on my way home from work

Alternative heat source: with temps dipping to 6 degrees F tonight, it's cold. Extra loads of firewood will be brought into the house, as well as kiddling tomorrow after work. If needed, the boys and I can share my Queen size bed, and I'm pretty certain the cats will both join us. : )

Light source: while the glow of the wood stove will provide some illumination, I do have a ton of candles, and we tend to just turn in earlier to stay warm, avoid boredom!

Food: if we lose power and therefor refrigeration, my front vestibule becomes a fridge for perishables. The deep freezer is full, will remain shut.

Cooking: I can cook on the wood stove

Water: Tub will be filled, as will 4 large Poland Spring water cooler type bottles for toilet flushing, personal hygiene. Hopefully any power outages will be short lived, friend is just up the street with a generator, for showers, if needed

While emergency prep can be tiresome, after this past year with 3, week long power outages, my Girl Scout experience, along with camping skills have certainly come in handy.

We'll be OK.


Mary Lou said...

Just thought I'd let you know I did get oil finally today. Mix-up with oil delivery, but that's a different story.

Anyway, it was $3.57 per gallon and it cost us $760. Hopefully, we won't need oil for a few months, but with this storm coming I'm sure the furnace will be working overtime.

Nancy said...

You are way more prepared than I would be Carol. Thanks for posting this it reminds me to put a battery powered 'camping' lantern and another box of duraflame logs on my stocking up list.

Pubbler said...

I love how organised your are. Please stay safe.