Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baking today

 Staying warm in the kitchen on this blustery, cold day. At least the sun is shining! First up: banana-pecan bread, using the 3 bananas that had to go.
 A box of Aldi's brownies, chopped pecans added to this batch.
 Using up another lurking, expired, white cake mix to make another batch of cupcakes, the former ones went over very well!
2 tubs of different types of homemade frosting. Usually once I have assorted frostings, this is when I make cupcakes. I like having more than one type of decoration and/or frosting for cupcakes.

Cupcakes all decorated and stored away.

A sour cream coffee cake, made using yogurt. College boy and one friend was here, dug right into this, deemed it really good. I didn't tell them how I made it, glad they liked it! Weird thing-half of the nuts on one side sunk to the bottom.Never had that happen before.

Buying baked goods premade has long been cost prohibitive. Other than the 89 or 99 cent pkg of Aldi's "fig newtons" I didn't buy any other premade baked goods this week.

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