Friday, February 22, 2013



I really liked these scrubbie pads. My former MIL introduced me to them. Over time, the price inched up to where these cost $1 each pad, so I sought alternatives.

I moved to store brand versions, which were hard to find but I finally found one. It was discontinued. I tried dollar store ones, found them far inferior. So, I returned to my old ways: soaking to help loosen, using Brillo pads on metal pans, using Comet type cleanser for really baked on stuff. I use rags to wash  dishes.

I had long ago read about repurposing the mesh bags from onions, etc and the idea struck me to repurpose the white netting from a fzn turkey breast I recently cooked, wrapping the netting into a pad of sorts by using a rubber band. I must say that it works pretty well. I had a gross cast iron skillet that I let soak over night. This morning, I used a metal spatula to scrape off what I could, there was some residual food stuck. No issue, I grabbed the white scrubbie and set to work, quickly removing the bits left behind.

This newest trick cost me nothing, it's something that I would have tossed into the garbage. It's serving a purpose at the moment, so this is a nice tip.

Although my circumstances have dramatically changed since last year, I continue on the quest to save whatever I can to now put towards my next home. The little things DO add up.


Lili said...

Hi Carol,
I use the same homemade mesh scrubbie on the grout between the tile in the shower, with some baking soda and water. The great thing about these homemade scrubbies is, if they get too gross, I toss them without guilt.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Some people in this area crochet scrubbies from the mesh onion and potato bags. I don't know how to do it, but I've been gifted a couple that were bought at a church craft show. I think she said they were 50 cents each---I'm still using the first one and it's been with me for just over two years already. I toss it in the dishwasher once in a while, otherwise, just rinse under the tap. I also believe in soaking messy pots---why scrub hard when you can wait a couple hours and scrub lightly? I love these little scrubbers---I've since started saving bags to give to whomever it is in her church who makes them. A no-cost donation from me, the church will make a little extra, and I'll buy more scrubbies when I need them.

DW said...

Maybe I need to learn to crochet, LOL! I save all my mesh onion bags and fold them into little squares then baste the sides together .. they do make neat little scrubbies.