Saturday, February 16, 2013

Aldi's run


A quick Aldi's run today, planned as I was in the city so I could bundle my errands. Here's what I bought:

gallon each of 1% and whole milk, qt 1/2 & 1/2, butter, soft margarine, bleach, 2 brownie mix, 2 Devil's food and 2 yellow cake mixes, 1 pkg fig bars, 1 box "cheez its", 2 pkgs beef franks, 1 yellow mustard, 1 each: onion powder, garlic powder,Ital seasoning, minced onions; vine tomatoes from the USA (even the  organic grape ones are from Mexico), 2 bottles each of the following juices: Mango-tangerine, "V8splash", 4 boxes cocoa, 1 large can coffee, 1 bag Hazelnut coffee, 4 frn OJ, 2 bags shredded Ital cheese blend, 2 doz eggs, 1 pkg bologna, 1 Summer sausage, 1 box tampons (new item), bananas, 1 bottle apple juice, 1 Asian ginger sauce, 1 Asian sesame teriyaki sauce, 2 lbs bacon,2 2 l "cola", 2 lbs carrots, 1 small "Nutella", 1 12 pack root beer, wild caught salmon fillets, 2 lb Tilapia fillets, 2 bags restaurant tortillas, 1 bag cheese puffs, 2 bags onion snack rings. $114.34 out the door.

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