Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A rare treat here

Chicken Parm-yum. Fortunately, I got my crockpot into service this morning before leaving for work. As I was returning up our street this afternoon, my car started making a not so good noise as I turned left. It could be something as simple as a wheel bearing, or ?  I am afraid to drive it, so I've made arrangements to have it towed to a Toyota dealership and college boy's shoulder has been tapped to drive me in to and later to pick me up at work. I've had really good luck with this car so far.


janie said...

Looks yummy!!!
Sorry to hear about your car. Hope it is an easy, cheap fix.


j udy said...

Arrgghhh I hope it is something simple and inexpensive!

Hawaii Planner said...

Fingers crossed that your car situation is minimal & easily fixed!

PS - love chicken parmesan!!!