Monday, February 25, 2013

A more extreme measure

 I save my "empty" solid deodorant containers, especially if they are deemed no longer usable because the product is just breaking off out of the container, onto the floor after I spin the dial to move the deodorant up to the top. As it reaches the bottom of the product, it tends to break apart and fall out like this. I had 4 "empties." I used a sharp knife and scrapped out all of the solid deodorant and put it into a glass mug. I microwaved it, stirring every 15 seconds, until I had a smooth liquid.

I then poured this newly liquified deodorant into a reserved empty deodorant container, which had the spin dial moved all the way back down to the bottom of the container. Less than a minute of my time, 3 containers and their caps are now in the recycling, the residual deodorant is now combined and "repurposed" giving me an almost full, new deodorant. This will harden back up within an hour, but I won't need it until the morning. It'll be fine by then.

I purposely chose my largest deodorant empty, a 2.6 oz container. I am guessing that I saved at least 2 oz of product for my efforts. Looking at the price tag, I know that I most likely used a $1 off coupon at Xpect so I assume that these deodorants cost me $0.59-$1 range. This isn't so much a trick on saving money as avoiding wasting what I pay for. Had I simply tossed the "empties" and crumbling "empties" I would have wasted an entire deodorant container's worth of product. I much prefer using it all up. These particular brands are fine for the cold months, when I barely perspire. Come Summer, however, I switch to other brands. These cheapo deodorants work fine in the meantime.


alaskadreamin said...

Another great post! Thank you for a great idea.

Linda said...

I think not wasting is a trick on saving money. But, I see your point. I never waste deodorant, either. But, I pick or scrape it out, put it in a little container and use my fingers to rub it under my arms.

What stronger deodorant do you use in summer?

Precious said...

Nice job on avoiding that waste. Deodorants are not cheap here.

Belinda said...

I have about 8 or 9 of mine saved up right now. It makes me mad when they break off and there is so much left unused, so I save them and do the same thing you do with them, Carol. It jut makes good sense to me. :)

CTMOM said...

I need a stronger option come Summer. I usually use Arrid XX, Ban or Secret.

DW said...

I've had good luck just scraping the leftovers out and packing it into another (slightly used) container. I certainly agree with you about not wanting to waste the stuff.