Friday, February 8, 2013

A flexible supper

Tonight's supper is flexible. Due to the impending blizzard, DX has asked me to keep the twins until further notice, with the earliest possible pickup being this Saturday, and even that is on the fence. Safety first.  No problem.

For now, we have electricity, heat, a wood stove burning, it's very comfortable. Dinner would normally find me on a Friday night heating up leftovers, instead I selected sloppy joes as it's a meal that I can easily prepare in a cast iron skillet on the wood stove, if needed. Marked down ww buns, and a can of Crash n burn kernal corn will accompany and perhaps a salad, too. Double sized can of sloppy joe sauce was only $1.09 at Xpect vs $1.59 for the "on sale" brands at 14.5 oz. Pays to look around. : )
I'll just freeze the extra, meatless sauce for another time.

power still on, here's my dinner plate:

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