Monday, January 21, 2013

Waste not, want not

 I finally put away the last of the Christmas themed dish towels for next year. Before I did so, I made sure to look over the linens and I culled 2 kitchen hang up towels that were past their prime. The striped one wasn't holding well onto the fridge (velcro which could be replaced or switched out with a snap or button closure) and there is a worn area starting on a fold line; the print one is terribly stained yellowish.  If I didn't have plenty more, I'd still use them as is. That not being the case, 2 have found new lives. I first cut the hanging up part off, away from the terrycloth bottom.
 I turned these under, and sewed the edge to prevent unraveling. It just happened that I had black thread already in my sewing machine, since these are now repurposed as general cleaning rags, I really don't care what color thread is used. This is a utilitarian function.
 Now neatly folded, these new "fancy rags" as I like to call them, join my others underneath the kitchen sink. I use several daily, once threadbare they may be folded over and resewn to strengthen what cloth remains before ultimately being tossed out.
 The tops to the hanging towels? I've used my rotary cutter and cut them up into strips to use as stuffing for some additional draft dodgers I need to make. I did keep the holy print ties whole, as I may use them to tie off a yet to be made draft dodger. If not, these too, will be cut down for stuffing. No need for me to purchase pollyfill. Draft dodgers are truely a no cost project here.

Later this afternoon, as I was folding towels, I noted that the already too thin for my preference, yellow floral towel with fringe (it's vintage Tastemaker brand circa 1970's I am sure)is developing several holes. Again, still serviceable, presentable. If I didn't also already have about 20 hand towels, I'd still use this one. I am blessed with an overabundance of towels so this, too, hit the chopping block today. I liked that it coordinated with my main bathroom, but alas, it went today.
So what's the big deal about making yet more fancy rags? Pictured above is the roll of paper towels that I opened when I moved in August 15, 2012.5 months later, quite a bit remains. Just one less thing on my shopping list, not that paper towels are cheap by any means.


Belinda said...

I love this post! Such a great way to save money. I have a basket of dish cloths and dish towels in a basket near my sink too. Such an easy way to get to them and I will grab one of them first before I go for the paper towels .:)

CTMOM said...

Trick for me was to train my kids to also reach for a cloth towel. I now see them telling their friends as they look around for the paper towels (intentionally not kept close to the sink washing area), to grab the cloth hanging towel attatched to the upper cabinet next to the sink, for hand drying. They are learning, too. ; )

Belinda said...

Great job. I am still working on that one with mine.