Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trash talk again


Today was once again trash day, I had missed last week due to car shopping with college boy. I threw away 4 tall kitchen garbage bags of trash (30 lbs=$6 charge) but more importantly, I had 6 tall kitchen bags worth of mixed recycling. Add that all non meat/dairy food scraps are composted, we continue to do very well in this budget item, averaging $8/month in weight fees in addition to the $2 + monthly allotment for the annual Transfer Station sticker. Considering that I had 2 extra kids here full time for Christmas break, and there was no spike in trash fees, we are doing well.


missy said...

I wish we had the choice of how to dispose of our trash but we live in a city were we are forced to have trash-water- and sewer on all one city bill. I recycle and compost anything I can in doing so we average one tall trash bag a week. Our garbage bill though the city is around$24.00. We have a weekly pick-up so I'm paying $6.00 a week for a tall garbage bag. Makes me so upset that we can't choose.

mikemax said...

Missy, I'm a landlord, and I can tell you that I wish the city required garbage pickup. Not everyone is as diligent as you and Carol about disposing of their trash. Even though we have free trash disposal sites, people just don't do it. I am thinking of adding the cost of trash pickup to the rent so that they will have it--whether they want it or not!

Also, Carol--has your DS bought a car yet? What kind?

CTMOM said...

No town services for trash, it's all private companies and they charge $50 and up, and they don't recycle as heavily as I do. So, I do it myself every 2 weeks. No water or sewer charges as we are all on wells and septic systems.

CTMOM said...

You must have missed my post last week:

Also, why wouldn't I want to dispose of my trash? I know, "people" can be pigs. Sigh. I don't want vermin, or smells, so I get rid of it. Nor do I want it taking up space in my tiny garage. $10/month is cheap, I am happy with what we are doing and my go green efforts.