Friday, January 25, 2013

Taking care of medical needs NOW


My insurance co-pays and possibly my plan selection may change, effective with my new contract July 1, 2013. I have a union meeting in Feb to attend regarding particulars.

 In the meantime, I am being pro-active and addressing my recurrent medical needs NOW, before my co-pays go up, my plan changes. Tomorrow, I am scheduled for my annual mamogram,which I did put off with all of the life changes going on last year. Fortunately, I am in a state that was one of the first to offer full coverage for mammograms and ultra-sound imagery as needed. I require both. There will be no co-pay and this will be covered at 100%.

So, hoping that the forecasted snow overnight doesn't cause any hick ups, and that I can cross off  this necessary, yet far from fun appointment tomorrow morning. Next to schedule will be a routine physical with a new Internist (mine retired last year), my allergy MD check up, my annual gyno exam (woman's annual care is also a "freebie" under my insurance), dermatologist for RX for my eczyma (flared up by Winter) some facial spider veins to be lasered again.

 By taking care of 3 of these appointments BEFORE July 1, I stand to save at least $30. Not bad.


j udy said...

I am big one of reminding ppl to get there mams and paps!!!

Great job getting everything done before the change to inusrnac

CTMOM said...

I had a scare several years ago, excissionl biopsy, fortunately benign. So this is a must do, even if I postponed it a few months, while the dust settled. Montly self checks are on going of course. ; )
So, scheduling these other exams will happen on Monday to be sure that I get in before my out of pocket costs increase.