Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday supper: roast chicken

Another pantry based supper will grace our dinner table tonight: oven roast 1/2 of a chicken that I got on manager's sale @ 79/lb, a box of cornbread Stove top from Dollar Tree, using 50 cent off coupon so a mere 50 cents out the door, a can of marked down wax beans @ 44 and marked down green beans @ 42 cents (I plan on mixing these 2 together), perhaps a salad (I need to pick up a few things at the store today, especially "salad ingredients." I also have some home canned cranberry sauce to accompany.

 I drizzled some lemon juice over the chicken, then seasoned it amply with no salt garlic and herb seasoning, extra black pepper, Paprika

Here's the roasted chicken half

My dinner plate, missing is my side green salad with grape tomato halves and Dorothy Lynch dressing


Belinda said...

Sounds delicious, Carol.

Lili said...

Your Sunday dinner is resembling ours a bit this week. We're having a roasted turkey breast, with all the trimmings, including the cranberry sauce! Thanksgiving revisited.