Saturday, January 19, 2013

Soup on Saturday

 Usual Saturday soup for supper theme here today. While I was originally planning on lentil with hotdog pennies (to use up 2 lonely hotdogs in the freezer), since I had made that over Christmas break and one kidlet is either suffering from allergies or coming down with a cold, I felt that a poultry based soup was in order. I started with a mire poix of carrots, celery, fzn organic CSA chopped leeks sauteed in canola oil. Since my fresh onion supply is dwindling, I wanted to use an alternative.
 Once the vegetables were starting to get tender, I also added a clove of organic CSA garlic that I ran through a press, sauteeing that a bit more. I then added 2 quarts of homemade turkey stock from the freezer, along with 2 quarts of water, some shredded kohlrabi. I let this simmer.
 Meanwhile, I set about making some mini meatballs, using ground turkey, 1 egg, Lea and Perrins white Worcestershire for chicken, black pepper, another clove of pressed organic CSA garlic, and several white and whole wheat bread heels from my storage bag in the fridge (best to use this up as well, before it goes moldy), dried minced onion.
 Using the larger scoop end of a melon baller tool, I shaped my mini meatballs and plunked them into the gently simmering broth.
 A peak in the veggie bin turned up a bag of organic spinach that is just past it's prime and starting to go. While I did have to compost a bit of it, the rest was added to the soup, along with a cup of white rice (have yet another full, gallon jar thanks to Angel Food. The remaining rice in this jar was added to the second one so that I now have an extra storage jar. Yay!) Some dried chicken bouillon, black pepper and French tarragon was added to the soup as well.
Soups on!  Chilly here but nothing like what is forecasted to enter CT on Sunday-temps may not get above 12 degrees F during the day. Now THAT is cold weather. A big pot of soup will be perfect.


Anonymous said...

That looks great! We made taco soup today.

Belinda said...

Looks good! I like meatballs in soup. Meatball stew is good too. We ran out of onions this week here. I went to Aldi to buy some of their 69¢ for 2 lb bags, but they were sold out. I had to settle on a $1.50 3 pound bag at another store instead. Aldi had some good produce prices this week.

CTMOM said...

Yum . . meatball stew, we haven't had that in some time. Ground meat has been so expensive. I do have quite a bit (beef/ck/pork/turkey) in the chest freezer, which we are eating down. Should get that on my March menus.

janie said...

Looks so yummy.
Enjoy, Janie