Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sorry Mr Boar's Head, I simply can't afford you


Sorry, I just can't afford to pay $8/lb (when on sale) to $10/lb if not more for Boar's Head cold cuts. Instead, I try to create my own sandwich fillings for kids to bring to school.

Today, I am marinating some BSCB that I paid $1.99/lb for:

3 good sized pieces of Perdue BSCB, which will be later baked or broiled to my liking. A fifth of the cost and just as satisfying, IMO.

Here they are, baked off:


Anonymous said...

Yum! I never can get mine to slice as well as cold cuts, so I often end up making a chicken salad or something of the sort.

Belinda said...

Making your own sandwich filings are a terrific savings over the Boar's Head deli meat. I made chicken salad this week for sandwiches or crackers. At under $2 per pound, it is good savings.

CTMOM said...

Years ago, I would buy 3 lbs or so lf lunch meat, since I needed it for sandwiches for 6. Cut back to 2 lbs, then cut back to $20's worth. I simply gave up, choosing instead to occassionally pick up some marked down Deli ends, home roast my own, shop Aldi's a few times. Cold cuts are simply alot of money for what you get.

Belinda said...

They really are, Carol. After making meals out of what I've had on hand this month, I've realized that even more and I'm rethinking several things as a result. The canned potatoes I've always bought for tacos can be made with one or two potatoes from a 99¢ bag of potatoes, refried beans in the can can be replaced with homemade refried beans. The list can go on and on.

CTMOM said...

Understood, but if keeping a few cans on hand of these convenience items means you are NOT going thru a drive thru window, I am all for it!