Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sometimes even I turn to convenience foods

 I normally plan my meals and make our own pizza, using the ABM machine for the dough. Very later dinner hour appointments meant that there was no way we'd be eating at 6, since we'd be walking in the door, starving. So I pulled out 2 fzn pizzas I recently bought on sale, stacking large coupons on top as well, dropping the price to cheaper than a take an bake style pizza (we've tried both Aldi's and Xpects', preferring Aldi's but both are good). My cost was $4.13/pizza.  So we got home, one kid popped into the shower while I got both pizzas baking off in the oven. I did add some sliced onions to the Pepperoni one
This is the plain cheese for Mr Picky who prefers it.

These are both Digiorno brand. I intentionally make 2 (for the 3 of us) as I anticipate no school, at least for the town where we live, but there is a slight* chance i may still have to go to work down county. Extra precooked pizza means an easy lunch for the boys, if they are home.


Belinda said...

Good deal, Carol. Works well when you are pressed for time like that.

I bought the Digiorno pizzas recently too with that high value coupon. It was a good deal.

We've been out of school today and tomorrow due to flooding. I would much rather be safe than sorry out there.

Anonymous said...

Smart savings on the pizza. Sometimes life just requires some compromise and the goal is to just accomplish that as frugally as possible. You did a great job of that!

I'm envious of your possible snow. Just rain for us.