Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So just what IS covered?


I've emailed the land lord, to determine protocol-who is to call the oil company to schedule the annual tune up? According to the secretary at the oil company, although not due until March, I should handle it now, as appointments book fast. So I await a response.

I previously emailed the oil company to get records of oil volume deliveries at this address. Interesting. I then followed up and asked what is included in the annual tune up, and to inquire as to which type of service plan the land lord has. She choose the basic one, which will not cover the following, according to the secretary:

 -bleeding the radiators
-adjusting the hot water temp
-refilling a red putty that was used to cover an opening in a flue pipe that runs off of the main box of the boiler (we're talking a pea sized blog of a putty like substance that had hardened)

Frankly, I can't understand why the blob of goop can't be addressed, citing possible fumes backing into the house. Perhaps the water is so hot because a valve needs replacement.
The radiators need to be bleed, based on the noise.

I just would like this furnace to run as efficiently as possible. I don't feel that I should have to pay for what I'll call "physical plant" items that she is required to maintain. Once I hear back as to who should call for the service appointment, I will inquire if the LL will cover the aforementioned items. If not, I will at least get a price from the oil company and make a decision as to what to do.


j udy said...

It seems the more money some people have the less they care about the upkeep and the people who rent there properties. I have friends who would kill to have a tenant like you.

One of my friends is always making small deals with one of her great tenants. The tenant buys the paint they both like and then my friend takes that much plus labor off her rent. It's a great relationship for both of them. her tenant mows the lawns and plants flowers every year to make the outside look nice and again my friend takes off the a fair price for mowing and the cost of flowers and supplies. Both of her properties look beautiful because of this. But most of my friends are very big on taking care of there properties as far as insulation, outside painting, water heaters and heaters. This way they last longer.

It seems yours is not worrying about the things she should!! Hopefully you will be on to your own home or a different rental soon.

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Judy. I do consider myself a very good tenant, I pay on time/early, am making minor repairs without even asking for compensation to make this place more functional for us (such as replacing missing boards on both a cabinet shelf and a laundry room very rustic shelf, replacing missing thin wooden slats in the spice cabinet that hold the spices inside the cabinet and preventing them from falling out, etc). Some things have been for our comfort such as having plastic venitian blinds installed. Before renting I did have a long, laundry list of requested repairs-most the LL took care of. One that she refused was the installation of an exhaust fan in the main bathroom. Penny wise, pound foolish as far as I am concerned. When I questioned the realtor on this, she replied, "Just open a window." I answered back, "I have to close this window when I leave for work right after showering!"

To be fair, I have to hear back from the LL, perhaps she will cover the additional "services." The ball is in her court, so to speak.

I asked the oil company secretary how much it'd cost for the additional services:

"It doesn't sound like this is anything that needs parts. The labor rate is $115.92 per hour for
any work scheduled during regular business hours." A blob of goop, opening the furnice and somehow lowering the wateer temp will take minutes. Most time would be allocated to bleeding radiators. Does it really make them that much more efficient? I've never lived with radiators/baseboard hot water heat, except when in college.

Lili said...

It's been interesting following this situation. So many things I'd never even considered before.
Good luck with it!

Nancy said...

How expensive would it be to hire your regular handyman to repair that blob of goop and lower the thermostat on the hot water tank? The labor rate of the furnace company seems extremely high, surely he can do these two simple things for a lot less money?

CTMOM said...

Handy man is even more expensive. CT prices are high, esp in Fairfield county. I did ask the handyman about turning down the water temp on the boiler, was I missing an obvious dial/switch? He didn't see one either and he isn't allowed to open up a furnace-that is the oil company's respon. Good suggestion, and yes, I suspect that he could do the red "goop."