Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Planning ahead: Stew!

 While cooking supper tonight, I started getting TOMORROW's supper ready, as I have a meeting after work, and I know that I will arrive home late, but I still need supper prepared. My menu plan is a planned over using the rest of an herb glazed eye of the round roast that I froze along with a quart of homemade beef broth.
 I pulled a baggie of organic CSA turnips, a large onion, 4 carrots, 5 marked down Yukon golds, 2 sprigs celery.
 I filled the large, oval CP with the prepared vegetables and the now cubed meat.
 My fajita supper was ready but I knew that I had to first transfer the cooked fajita filling to a container, so that I could get at the crust covered, cast iron skillet. THAT is one of my cooking secrets. I deglaze every pan I can get my hands on. This one held carmelized beef, onions, peppers, seasoned with Worcestershire. This is gonna be good! I added a bit of water, and brought it to a boil, using a wire whisk to get all the bits off of the pan. (sure makes cleanup a breeze later!)
 Here's the rich broth I created.
 Here's a close up of the deglazed pan liquids, now in the crockpot with the stew ingredients.
I seasoned the stew with black pepper, a large Bay leaf, and a pouch of Lipton onion soup mix (gifted to me), before adding the quart of beef broth. The  CP is now covered and awaits me until the morning, when I will plug in the CP base and turn it on low, to cook all day. Once home, I'll strain the stew and thicken the sauce to make more of a gravy, which I will fold over the stew, gently coating the meat and vegetables.

The cooked stew:

This is what I came home to this afternoon (house smelled wonderful!)

Stew transferred to another dish, with thickened gravy poured over and folded in. College boy sopped in just before dinner, immediately accepted a dinner invite. : )


j udy said...

looks really good. I defrosted bean soup tonight and I think I might defrost stew for tomorrow(thanks for the idea :)) Its freezing here

CTMOM said...

Freezing here in CT, JUdy as well. Cold, damp, raining before, saw some fog as we drove up the mountain to our home (I live in wooded hills, now covered in snow). temps to plummet, I really wanted soup tonight, had already taken a tiny steak out for fajitas. A cup of tea sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Weather is perfect for stew!