Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Opinions please!

 One area that I had the handyman service look at was this open, corner, kitchen cabinet next to the sink. I felt that perhaps it could use some of the spray foam gap filler I bought, to decrease drafts. The handyman felt no draft, so we scratched that idea off of the chore list yesterday. I showed him that the jars inside this cabinet are really cold, as if placed outside. Shrug. Tonight, we have record low temps, about zero degrees F, the coldest we've had in about 3 or 4 years. I lit a match, it flickers in the dish cabinet next to this corner cabinet, which does feel like you are outside, when you stick your hand all the way into the corner. Ok, time to do something about it.

Pictured above are the blue with yellow tiles that decorate the walls, in lieu of wallpaper or paint. I also have a section of rock wall, many cabinets, a section with white painted pegboard (great for storing colanders, frying pans, strainers). So this is a blue and white kitchen with soft grey trim work here and there, Cabinets are white, as are appliances and counter tops (except for butcher block next to sink and another next to stove). I made (refashioned) the valance curtain over the sink, and there is a bright yellow scatter rug on the floor. Linoleum tile floor is white, blue, light grey "streaks". 2 fabric curtains grace the 2 doors: one is a royal blue solid, another is a yellow background with blue/mustard/rose/green floral print.
 I started with my fabric stash: a blue and white grid almost a check, sheet with large blue cabbage roses. I decided against that. A small gingham check in yellow (maybe) and a set of white lined larger gingham cafe curtains in sunny yellow that I can cut down (I like that these are already lined). I placed a panel in one of the openings and you can see the valance above. I'll call this look # 1.
Look # 2: a smaller gingham check in blue.

Here's option #3: a blue gingham with yellow roses printed on top. I worry that this would be too busy with the print of the valance and the tile.

I am trying to decide which look to go for: # 1 yellow, #2 blue or # 3 blue with yellow roses. I would simply sew these and most likely just thumb tack these into place underneath the scalloped trim, on the inside where it won't show.

My aim is to stop drafts. I placed my living room wall thermometer next to the kitchen sink. 60 degrees, it felt cold. : (

Your vote?


Mary Lou said...

# 1 yellow.

j udy said...

I like the blue with the yellow. I think its gives a warm feeling.

janie said...

#2 is my first choice and then #1.

Have a good night, Janie

Finn said...

I'm voting for the yellow. It doesn't seem busy or intrusive, maybe a little bit like sunshine.
I'm dealing with lots of the same draft issues here in my duplex that used to be an old grocery store. No basement under,and nothing very well insulated. Baseboard electric heat(old style) and no option for heating with any other source. I've been stuffing bits of quilt batt into some of the narrow cracks and I'm finding that bubble wrap has a decent insulation quality..who knew? You're doing a great job, next year should be much easier.

Donna said...

I like the yellow best =)

Belinda said...

Definitely no on number 3 as I think they clash with two types of flowers. I like number 2, but number 1 gets my vote because they go so well together. That was a great idea to hold the match in there to figure out if there was a draft or not. Do you think the curtain is enough to hold the cold out though? I would still be concerned that cold air is still coming in somewhere. Could you stuff a towel in the corner of that cabinet, which would be both temporary and easy enough to remove in the summertime? Maybe try a draft dodger along the corner in the back of the cabinet? My friend who used to line her basement with the straw bales during wintertime also used to stuff rags and socks into little cracks & crevices like that to keep drafts out.

Jean said...

I have seen that you can put bubble wrap in windows for insulation -- would that work on the back of the cupboard walls -- not take up too much space, but help insulate?

Nancy said...

My vote is either the yellow or blue gingham...I think the flower print may be a bit busy in conjunction with the valance and the tiles.
Oddly enough I am also doing this at my house. I have an open area above a cabinet that used to be a drawer that totally fell apart. My son removed the drawer and hardware inside the cabinet and I am planning on covering the opening with fabric for a retro look.

Anonymous said...

I like the yellow best.

CTMOM said...

Jean-I just may try the bubble wrap, have some I've saved.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I prefer the yellow also. The bubble wrap inside the cupboards is genius!

Having received an oil delivery this week in excess of $700 (we pay on the budget plan over 11 months) I am tempted to start stuffing some cracks of my own. My computer sits in a corner facing two windows--both have plastic on then, and mini-blinds, but this still remains the coldest spot on the first floor. We run a small electric heater to supplement but I'm thinking draft dodgers on these window sills--there seems to be a small amount of air seeping in there. Thanks for the ideas!