Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My energy saving clothes dryer

 Wicked cold today, I got the wood stove going as soon as I could. It doubles as a clothes dryer for me as well. Some clothes are on a clothes horse, some hang from hangers over the edge of the stone mantle
Others may be found on a rolling coat rack, or simply hanging from hangers placed on existing nails or over the edge of the shelves that are above this HUGE radiator in the library wall of the living room. All methods work well for me, most is dry within a few hours, definately come next morning. This saves my clothes (fabric wear, shrinkage, fading) as well as significant $ off of my electric bill. A few months back, I was able to shave $50 off of the previous month's bill-impressive savings when combining all the measures I am taking to conserve.

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