Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moving around the menus: beans!

 My menus have been switched a bit this week: pasta planned for today was served on Tues, allowing planned overs for one on Wed. Tues's meal was to have been sloppy joes, but college kids had most of that over Christmas break so leftovers were incorporated into a luncheon meal. Today's dinner dish on a day that started at 3 degrees F and warmed up to 8 F: Calico beans. As part of my pantry challenge, I used one 28 oz can baked beans ($1 Dollar tree), 1 can crash n burn store brand white beans @ 32 cents, 2 crash n burn cans of organic kidney beans @ 62 cents, 1 crash n burn Ital black beans @ 42 cents. Add brown sugar, an onion, some salt pork. Well under $5 for this filled to the brim Crock pot worth of calico beans.
 Inspiration was 2 fold: leftover franks and beans (I presliced the hotdogs into pennies after lunch as I was packing this away) from yesterday's lunch and a baggie of pork bfst sausage that needed to be used up.
Not a ton of meat in this full Crocpot: 7 bfst links and 2 hotdogs cut up, a large cube of salt pork. Beans certainly stretch a meat budget and this version of beanies and weanies will be well received later tonight.

You can search for my recipe under "calico beans" in the search box at the top of my blog.

Here's the finished pot 'o beans(side of homemade cornbread is baking off):

 I was home today, so I made an apple crisp for dessert:
 A large pot of tea, tonight's selection: Constant Comment, an orange-spice blend, yummy!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of adding the sausage to the beans. Most of the recipes I have use grounded beef in calico beans. This looks good.

Isn't it great to have a flexible menu plan? I'd never be able to stick to one if it had to be rigid.

Belinda said...

Looks really good, Carol! :)