Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid month planning: February menus


Mid month means accessing how the past few weeks have gone, anticipating any changes for the next upcoming weeks and adjusting the menu plan accordingly. It also means planning for next month, moving skipped menu plans into February, as needed. After reviewing what is already on hand, and relying heavily on those ingredients to make my dinners, here are my February menus:

2-Potage St Germain (a Fr Canadian split pea soup), use some fzn ham cubes
3-beef-turkey (use fzn meats) meatloaf, mashed potatoes, Creole cabbage
4-clam chowder using canned clams, saltines
5-chicken Parmesan (use Perdue whole grain ck cutlets in freezer) over spaghetti, salad
7-kale(use fzn)-apple chicken sausage (fzn) quiche, steamed carrots
9-Tuscan lentil soup, Bisquick biscuits
10-roast (fzn) turkey breast, Stove Top cornbread dressing, fzn Brussel sprouts in butter sauce, whipped Butternut squash, cranberry sauce
11-creamed salmon (use canned pink), over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
12-planned overs: turkey in gravy over mashed potatoes, l/o squash and cranberry sauce, green beans
14-crockpot pintos with meaty ham bone, rice
15-homemade cheese pizza,salad
16-turkey noodle soup, crackers
17-baked chicken thighs (fzn), rice, fzn mixed vegetables
18-baked Tilapia (fzn), rice, fzn sauteed Kale, steamed carrots
19-fzn turkey burgers, baked beans
21-stir fried rice with egg, vegetables (aka: veggie drawer cleanout!)
22-ziti with plain marinara, salad (college boy is scheduled for wisdom teeth extraction so soft foods are on the menus the next few days)
23-chicken noodle soup, bread & butter
24-beef meatballs (make ahead using fzn meat) in homemade brown gravy, rice, waxed and green beans
25-tuna cakes, coleslaw, carrots with Ranch dressing
26-farfalle with meat sauce cooked in Crockpot (use fzn Ital sausage meat), fzn broccoli
28-CP ground turkey chilli w/ dried beans (soak and cook ahead), Southern style buttermilk cornbread

Ended up with 2 beef meals, 10 poultry, 4 fish, 4 vegetarian, 3 pork (ham/pork), 5 bean based meals so a good variety. Lent is early this year, we go meatless on Fridays-a day when the youngest are usually not with me anyways.

As far as anticipated needs at the store, besides the usual milk/OJ/eggs/half & half, coffee, I will need cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, salad greens, seasonal citrus and whatever else I run out of. Again, I am hoping for a low expenditure month. I turn to home canned and frozen produce a lot this time of year, something I grew up with, eating seasonally.

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slugmama said...

You are so good.
I can barely keep a weekly menu
With the people here I just can't pan it out that far ahead and have it be anything approaching reality, what with the changing schedules and the persnickety teen and the leftovers some won't eat.
But I soldier on and do my best....