Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Medical treatment at home

I returned to my hand surgeon for a follow up on my finger/nail bed laceration. While it is healing nicely, I'll spare you the gorey photos, instead sharing a tip I already knew about: vitamin E capsules. MD told me that I should start massaging the liquid contents from vitamin E capsules into the injured area to help limit/reduce scaring. Side benefit is that it will moisturize in the process. I still need to keep a bandaid over the area to protect it, as time passes, it should heal nicely.

I know I am lucky, I could be missing a finger. Shudder . . . .

So, no need to return to the hand surgeon unless a problem develops. Today cost me $25 for a co-pay and a bandage. Doc even said that I had expensive bandaids. I told him, "At least we're not in Greenwich, it would have been $50." I also spent $6.49 for store brand vitamin E, and picked up swabs we needed and 2 chocolate bars for kidlet who needs to put on weight. He was so good about being dragged around for errands today. So, $12.63 added to the grocery budget for January 2013.

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janie said...

I found your blog a few days ago after visiting Frugal Makes cents blog.

I just love you blog. Lots of greats tips, help etc.

Thanks for taking the time to help with saving money.

Have a great one, Janie