Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making supper and saving in the process

 I came home from a late appointment tonight, grabbed my prepared last night reincarnation pasta and meatballs, now topped with cheese and popped it into the convection, table top oven for 30 minutes, covered with repurposed foil
 Foil removed, cheese melted a bit more before taking the dish out. Once emptied, the door stayed open to let residual heat into the kitchen.
 Meanwhile, I grabbed a handful of prewashed, organic baby salad greens, topped this with leftover wax and green beans, cut up some grape tomatoes. Home made Dorothy Lynch dressing set out.
 I normally opt for broccoli but had buttered b sprouts that needed to be eaten so I heated those up in the microwave.
 Wood stove is going, so that is what i have been using all day to cook lunch, and heat more and more water for hot tea. tonight's supper was no exception: more tea!
 I selected 2 regular and one decaf lemon "used" tea bags to make 1/2 a pot's worth of tea (about 2 cups, plenty for me, Wed is dinner for one night), before the tea bags will be composted. I am out of fresh lemon, so my lemon herbal and flavored teas have been filling in.

Here's my cobbled together supper, heated/prepared as economically, food and energy wise as possible. Not bad!

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alaskadreamin said...

Indeed not bad at all. I sure enjoy reading your blog.
As far as lemon & limes go, buy a bunch on sale and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Use 2T per cube and when the tray of juice is frozen you can pop out the cubes & transfer them to another container or zip lock type bag. Then, you will always have fresh juice on hand.