Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last of January's groceries

I mentioned last night that I'd be serving turkey patties/burgers for supper today, and one kidlet specifically asked that we have them as burgers on rolls. I stopped on the way home at Stop and Shop and was pleased to chance upon a pkg of store brand rolls, marked down to 84 cents. I also picked up a box of pancake mix on the marked down shelf @ $1.14. Not pictured was the other reason for a quick grocery stop: one gallon of whole and one gallon of 1% milk. It was on sale @ $2.99 (normally $5)so I bought it there, otherwise as I drove up the main drag, I would have stopped at a convenience/gas station where milk is always $3 +/-.  So, $6.94 more spent towards Jan 2013 groceries.


janie said...

Great bargains.

Have a good night, Janie

Belinda said...

Good deal on the bread, pancake mix, and milk. I have to go to Aldi to find milk for $2.99. My sister was shocked at our milk prices when she visited in November. She is used to paying under $3.00 for milk. Ours has been closer to $4 lately.