Monday, January 21, 2013

Thermostat update


Just got a call from my Handyman service, I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to get my new thermostat installed and a laundry list of other repairs taken care of. While I really don't like the idea of incurring more expense, I do want things maintained so it's something I've alloted for in my monthly budget.


j udy said...

Does your landlord reimburse you for any of the repairs you make. Not so much the thermostats since you are taking them with you but the other things?

CTMOM said...

I'll categorize the things I am having done as personal comfort: blinds were installed at my cost in bedrooms and bathroom for privacy reasons. LL has nothing in the lease about that, nor would I expect her to cover that. So it's an "investment" in my piece of mind. Neighboring cottage (also owned by same LL) has a single, older gentleman living there (not that he's home much-he's some sort of traveling salesman, goes to PA often for weeks at a time). Other things I've had done: put up shelves, replace small wooden strip in spice cabinet that hold spices in cabinet to stop them from falling (I lost 2 jars that way), installing curtain hardware,covering single pane windows with 6 m; plastic, put up hooks on windows and install Xmas wreaths, put up pictures and wall sconces, fill in holes on top of mailbox (there must have been a family name sign at one point there)and paint the mailbox (I had bought paint just to paint the flag portion as it's right next to another mailbox and could be hard to see in Winter when in the up position. Since I had a whole can of paint, I had him do the whole mailbox). These are for my creature comfort, decorative purposes mostly. So no, I am not seeking reimbursement as I make this place more comfortable/practical for our needs.
I still await the home energy audit report-now that is something that I hope LL will do something in response to: insulate the attic and reinsulate under the house where the original fiberglass batts are literally falling away from the house. The LL did replace a toilet with a water saver one, have someone come in for the mice issue, have an electrician look at and replace the guts of a non working ceiling fixture in the dining room. I am picking my poison so to speak. I'll cover things that I choose to have done for creature comfort but stuff like a new fridge (which will be in the audit report) and insulation, no-that should be on her.

j udy said...

I totally understand I was just wondering how you were breaking it up. Call me nosey :) But I get how you are doing it.

You have really handled all great! You are so proactive and I admire that. How is sons car running?

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Judy. Son remains thrilled with his car, and is being proactive in coming up with some odd jobs while he continues to seek steady, part-time work, as he must reimburse me monthly for his auto ins or I drop him off the policy and he's on his own, and stuck paying $1000 more.