Saturday, January 19, 2013

I think I found the culprit


I think I've discoved the oil thief (besides kidlet taking long showers when no one is home to yell at him).

Today, I reset the programable thermostats even lower, with longer intervals with reduced heating (the bedroom/bathroom zone comes on at 4:45 Mon-Fri and 6 a.m. Sat-Sun @ 65 degrees, shuts down M-F @ 6:15 a.m. and on Sat/Sun @ 9 a.m. to 60. Back up to 65 @ 2:30 p.m. M-F, @ 6:30 p.m. Sat-Sun. Shuts down to 60 M-F @ 9, Sat-Sun @ 10). The main thermostat for kitchen/Living room follows the other schedule for the bedroom zone. The one remaining dial thermostat is located in the office, formerly the L shaped porch. I keep it at 60, turn it up to 65 if working in the office or using the dining room area of this L shaped porch.

I discovered that the office was warm today, and when checked, the thermostat registered as set to 60. I checked the registers, sure enough, they are warm. OK, I shut the thermostat OFF, this continues, with the temperature reading on the bottom of the thermostat registering at 68-no wonder it felt balmy! So this thermostat is busted. Sigh. Note that neither of the other thermostats or radiators were putting out heat so it's definately this one.

Plan is to go to a big box store tomorrow morning and buy the third programable thermostat I was considering (again, all 3 will be removed when I do move out, keeping my $75 investment). I have a work order in to Mr Handyman (sent on-line) for a laundry list of small jobs/tasks so it was approaching time to call them again anyway. I am off Monday, and have 1/2 days the rest of the week, due to exams. Hopefully, I can schedule something for this week, even if I can just initially get the thermostat replaced.


j udy said...

So glad you found it. Make sure to keep your receipts my cousin put a new ceiling fan in a home she was renting and when she went to take it down and put up the old one the owner said that the new one was there when she moved in. And my cousin could not find her receipt so she lost out :(

Lili said...

I hope this has been the trouble all along. And good thing you've kept after finding the problem, and now your bills should come down quite a bit!

Belinda said...

Great investigative work, Carol. Glad you found the culprit and hope you can get a new one installed this week.

CTMOM said...

Good tip, thanks.

CTMOM said...

Hopefully this will make a difference (installing a new thermostat). I don't know if Mr Handyman will be open tomorrow to make an appointment for this week, when I have 1/2 days of work due to exams, so much more flexibility. Meanwhile, the boys and I are noticing that my efforts i tweaking the existing progamable thermostats are making the house more noticibly colder. Artic blast arrives tonight-gotta be sure to put on wool. I just can't stomach these high oil bills.

Belinda said...

(((((Carol)))) I hope you can find an affordable solution.

Linda said...

I cannot find an email address for you. Am I blind? Send me an email and I will answer your last question to me on my blog.

Maybe now, you can keep your home heated and not spend a small fortune. Many years ago when I had a furnace, I got a thermostat that could be turned completely off. That worked out great. I suppose all thermostats are that way now.