Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hey! What's going on with the price of canned salmon?


I have long kept 15 oz cans of salmon on my pantry shelf. While I prefer wild caught red, once the price crept well over $4/can when on sale, I switched to wild caught pink, at the time it was easily found @ $1-$1.50 on sale. Fast forward, and I have tried many old and new tricks as regards my grocery budget these past few years, including buying my canned pink salmon at Aldi's where it had been sold @ $2.19/can. It's been creeping up and I noted $2.69/can today. Since I was also at Xpect today, I checked on their canned wild caught salmon prices. While one was below $2.99 (the cheapest wild caught USA Alaskan salmon), it clearly is a product of China, which I prefer to stay away from. So, Ald's remains my best price at the moment but a quick Google of my initial question, has not yielded any answers. So,just why IS this becoming more expensive? A 50 cent jump is significant, even if canned fish remains cheaper that frozen or fresh.


alaskadreamin said...

That is a good price for here in Alaska.Even tho it is caught and canned here, pink is almost $4 a can and red is $8 and some change. I say keep a dozen on hand as it has been going up in price steadily here.

CTMOM said...

AK prices are scarey (Army brother was stationed there for several years). I just wonder why AK wild caught fish is going up and up in price (like everything else). I like to serve fish twice a week, with one fish meal ideally being wild caught Salmon. I gave up on fresh fish quite some time ago, turning to frozen and canned instead.

j udy said...

It seems the only time we can get fresh fish is when sr has talapia on sale or if we go down to south philly to one of the few fish mongers left. It really is frightening.

Everywhere I turn prices are going up and up which is why when something is on sale or marked own we stock up.

We are already planning on putting a triple sized garden compared to last year but I think its still going to be tight

Anonymous said...

Red (canned) is $7.99 by me (horrible, horrible). The canned tuna is also insane. My solution is the warehouse club. I purchased the frozen flounder and though pricey, will thaw 1-2 filets and the fish will be an extremely small part of our plates (hubs and myself). Veggies will be the main, making up 50%, and grains we have on hand will finish it. Horrid...the prices. I'm in Queens.

Belinda said...

Here are a couple of articles I've read:

Trade of the Week: Salmon prices take a leap

Analysts expect salmon prices to exceed €4 in 2013

I've noticed it too. A normally priced 1 pound frozen wild caught salmon fillet which used to sell for $7 is now up to $9.99. :(