Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grocery budget update for Jan 2013


This is the month that I am trying to follow the Pantry challenge. I did some end of December 2012 stock up, with the hope of not really buying much this month (now Jan 2013). I did venture out this weekend, as I helped DD get ready to return to college with some requested groceries. While we did score some real bargains, monies were spent. Here are my tallies for the month so far:

CSA 2012 $50 (sadly, my last "payment" in my budget. The CSA is now on hold for 2013, with uncertainty as to whether or not they will ever start up again)
Take out/restaurant: $50
Groceries: $300

CSA $50
restaurant $25.78
Groceries $177.38
coupon savings $37.39

The next 2 weeks are my crunch time as the semester ends, exams are given. I anticipate little, if any shopping until the end of Jan, instead stopping to just restock milk, OJ, eggs. I'd love to end Jan with at least $100 to toss into savings, with the hope of doing even better in Feb.


Lili said...

With the CSA you've been using, stopping for a while, is there the possibility that you'll put in a garden at your new house this next summer?

CTMOM said...

I've thought of that. I'd first have to get clearance from the landlord. It'd be a tiny one at that, if I did. I am also thinking of container gardening on the deck. Something to consider. Due to the wildlife, a garden reallhy needs to be fenced in. Deer mostly. If I did a garden, I'd try to use pallets to fence it off, or any other free materials otherwise, if you spend $500 to build a fence for a few veggies, it doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could do a few tomato plants at minimum. I've seen people even plant them in buckets.

Next time you have your hair cut or the children do, save the clippings. Put them in either old panty hose feet or knee highs and hang near the plants. Or if you can get dog hair clippings they will help, too. Can't guarantee 100% success, but the older people here all swear by it.

Nancy said...

Do you have any local farmer's markets near you where you can get fresh produce once the season starts up in addition to a small garden? In this area from June through the end of October almost every city has a day where a local group of farmers who have banded together set up and sell their products.
I looked into CSA in my area and it was way less expensive for me to shop these local markets as well as the year round farmer's market I have close by.