Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday financials


End of the month, usual bills taken care of, which now includes a monthly cleaning service, that I had used a few times since moving here. I received an incentive letter to move to regular monthly cleaning, at a discount, so I'm going for it, at least until this Summer, when the program will run out. By then, I should also know whether or not I'll be renewing my lease here, which is up in mid August.

Mon 1/21 $0
Tues 1/22 medical co-pay $25, gas $20.52, Verizon$223.53 (a large part of this I get reimbursed for), car payment $213.94
Wed 1/23 $0
Th 1/24 housecleaning  $201, Handyman service $392
Fri 1/25 $10 donation at work for fruit basket sent to colleague's home (death in family)
Sat 1/26 $0

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