Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flu shots


We are a family that believes in flu shots, as preventive measures. 3 of us suffer from mild asthma, a 4th family member has special medical needs that put him in high risk as well. Early in Sept, me and the youngest 2 kidlets, participated in a flu shot clinic held at the Mall one Saturday. Because it was a particular visiting nurse's association running it, we neither had to submit any paperwork, nor were we required to pay a co-pay. In years past, flu shots cost me just under $14/person. I saved about $52 right there.

Commuter college kid was encouraged to attend one of the local clinics, if not one at school. The specifics were shared. Away college kid was also cautioned to get the vacination. Neither college kids got the shot. There is officially an epidemic, the hospital can't keep up with the sick, there are no beds available a friend was told when her young child was diagnosed with the flu and was having breathing problems.

College girl decided it was time to get a shot, we scheduled an appointment at a local pharmacy, she showed up-they ran out. She returned to school and was told to find a shot ASAP.

College boy attended a clinic run by the aforementioned, same visiting nurse's association. The mayor of the local city asked them to, as a means to get people covered who had yet to get the shot. Preventive measures. College boy did go, he now needs to stay healthy for 2 weeks until full immunity builds up.

I had the flu once as a child, prior to getting diagnosed with asthma. No, I do not want to ever get that again. While I have recently had 2 bad colds (unusual for me), they were a nuisance, but just that-colds, definately not the flu.

My point is to be proactive, as I tried to get college kids to do in Sept. It simply wasn't a priority, as it wasn't for the many who are scrambling for a flu shot. I also now know which visiting nurse's clinic to go thru, as it has saved me $52 + $14 from college boy today, so far a total of $66.

My insurance is set to change effective July 1st, with my new contract (we work on 3 year contracts), and some decisions will need to be made. I can opt to stay with the type of plan I currently have, and will incur higher co-pays and general charges. There will also be an alternative plan, that could* save us  money, but I need to do my homework first before I can choose. I will be attending an informational session put on by my Union, some time in February.

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mikemax said...

I have had the flu 3 times in my life, in 1970, '82 and '98. In 1982 it went into pneumonia and honestly thought I might die. I have had a flu shot every year since then. 1998 was the year the shots didn't work (different flu came around). A few years ago, when flu vaccine was in short supply in the US, I went to Canada (I live 100 miles away) and got a shot. I am THAT serious about never wanting the flu again.

My 34 yo DS has scoffed at flu shots, but then he got a job in the healthcare industry and was required to have one for the past two years. It seems he actually learned something, LOL. He didn't get one this year because he is unemployed. But last week, on his own dime, he went to Walgreens and got one, and now just has to stay healthy for two weeks until it takes effect. He admitted that it would have been a lot easier NOT to put it off.