Friday, January 18, 2013

Fish on Friday

 The rest of a 54 cent crash n burn box of fettuccine, 2 59 cent SR can can sale ck lite tuna, a can of stewed tomatoes are tonight's key ingredients
 I cooked 2 tomatoes that were going soft, along with the canned tomatoes, boiled the pasta, first breaking it in half. Once cooked and drained, I added some stick margarine, seasoning salt, about 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan to make "Parmesan noodles."
 I used my box grater and grated 2 whole wheat bread crusts, a smallish carrot in a large bowl. I added the drained tuna, 1 egg, minced onion, black pepper, dill weed. I browned the 3 patties in Pam spray.
Here's my dinner plate, with some homemade tartar sauce atop the tuna cake. Not gourmet, but healthful, affordable using pantry ingredients, which included an extra boost of vitamin C with the tomatoes. So many are sick with the flu. 2 more of my students were sent home within the past day with the flu.

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Lili said...

You sure do some interesting things with canned/boxed goods!