Monday, January 28, 2013

Dang! my feet are cold!

I spend many an evening at the kitchen table, correcting. My feet, however have been cold, and I'm wearing LLBean wicked good slippers! No bother, I just borrowed the kitchen rug by the sink. Problem solved. No, I will not turn the heat up!


Nancy said...

Carol: You should check out the thrift shops for a throw rug for under the kitchen table. We have one because the nook area where the table is located is over a crawlspace and not the cellar and it gets pretty cold. In the summer I take it up and put it away but in the winter it really helps.

Pamela said...

Heh. I keep my place pretty cool when it's just me and I have no guests--around 60 degrees. I had to fill up the oil tank and it cost me over $900.

Precious said...

Even though we keep the heat at 68, my feet get cold but my LL Bean slippers keep them very warm.

CTMOM said...

Good suggestion, thanks.

I do feel you pain. : (

68 is downright tropical! I boost the temp to 65, it's lowered to 60 at night, when we aren't home.