Friday, January 25, 2013

Bubblewrap as an insulator


Update: the areas where I put up the repurposed bubblewrap remains covered, nothing came off, the duct tape is holding well. While I can easily find info about using this product to insulate windows, there is little info that I can find on the 'Net specifically about using this as a general insulation product. That said, the corner cabinet seems less drafty, as does the dish cabinet. I didn't think to do a thermometer reading before and after this project but I can report that while my central heat is set to 65, the open shelves of the corner cabinet is registering at 58 degrees. The glass jars are still cold, just not AS cold as before. I know, not very scientific.

I still plan on fashioning some sort of curtains in this corner cabinet, and am now toying with the idea of buying bubble wrap at a big box store and applying that to my many large ( sets double sliders, 2 triple windows, 3 large floor to ceiling wide windows) as extra insulation.

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