Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 down, 1 to go

 Here is the completed flannel "curtain" I made today, out of an old, queen sized flannel top sheet. I did have to cut 14 " off of this before hemming it. The narrow top casing was sewn shut, so I just used my seam ripper to pry it open. Done. Since this picture was taken in the daytime, you can see the shadow of the knee wall behind the curtain, to the left, while the doorway is to the right. I did use pushpins to tack the left side of the fabric close to the wall, leaving the right to simply be lifted aside, to gain access to the office area of this L shaped porch.
Here is the second completed flannel curtain, again fashioned out of an old, queen sized flannel top sheet. This one was considerably longer, I ended up cutting 18 inches off before hemming. Once again, I tacked the material flush against the wall, on the knee wall side of the opening, this time, it is on the right, as the shadow behind the curtain indicates.

I've saved the cut off green and leaf print material to use to piece together a panel for the large window opening between the living room and dining room of the porch. Once that is completed, I still have to make something to cover the doorway onto the dining room from the living room.

I also have to buy 2 more curtain rods to complete this project.

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DW said...

Looks good! It is amazing how much that extra layer can help.