Sunday, June 17, 2018

July 2018


I did a deep freezer inventory and reorganization this morning. With an impending order of frozen Cod, I needed to make sure that I had room. I also needed to confirm just what was in there!

1-turkey roulades (fzn turkey cutlets, Bells stuffing, fzn stock for gravy), fzn Brussels sprouts, squash
2-tuna casserole (use cr mush), salad
3-lazy golumbki casserole (fzn beef), steamed carrots
4-burgers (fzn beef, fzn buns), corn on the cob (buy), salad, potato salad
5-CP prok chop (fzn chops, fzn pork stock into gravy), garlic noodles, beets
6-chicken (fzn BSCB)-black bean (fzn) enchilladas in a creamy sauce (make from stock), salad
8-meatloaf (fzn meatloaf mix), beef rice a roni, beets
9-l/o meatloaf, scallopped otato (mix), fzn peas
10-Cod (fzn) in dill sauce, rice (fzn), veg:
11-pasta with meatballs (fzn), salad, veg:
12-skirt steak (fzn), fajitas, Mexicorn, salad
13-chicken burgers (fzn preformed meat patties, not breaded ones) on fzn rolls, salad, veg:
15-pork chops (fzn), scalloped potato mix, veg:
16-salmon cakes (use canned), cole slaw, veg:
17-Swiss steaks (use fzn cubed steaks) mashed potato, veg:
18-hamburger and macaroni (use fzn sausage), salad, Veg:
19-veggie burgers (fzn) on fzn buns, macaroni salad
20-meatball subs (fzn meatballs, home canned marinara) buy sub rolls*, salad
22-marinated London broil (fzn), baked potato, salad, veg:
23-shrimp (fzn) Knorr skillet dinner, veg:
24- CPBBQ "pulled turkey" (use fzn turkey thighs), coleslaw, corn
25-tuna-ditallini salad, sliced tomatoes, pickles
26-pepper steak (fzn hanger steak) rice, veg:
27-homemade sausage pizza
29-CP rotisserie style fryer chicken (fzn), rice, veg:
30-beer battered catfish nuggets (fzn cat fish), oven fries, coleslaw, corn
31-chicken cacciatore (fzn drums), rice, veg:

There is little I need to buy to complete this menu plan: corn on the cob, sub rolls. Note that veg is often TBD, based upon what I can get at the local farmer's market that is to open next weekend. I still have a bit of fzn veg on hand, the usual fresh produce staples (carrot, cabbage, onion, potato, shallots, salad stuff) and replenish as needed. I also have some canned veg on hand to fall back on, if needed.

Saturday supper for one

Although tempting to simply order out, I make myself come up with a decent supper for one come Sat, when the kids are usually out and about. Mediteranean crusted Salmon fillet, baked potato, leftover green beans. Quite good!

Bank freebie

My bank had a promo recently. Use your debit card X # of times and they'll send me a $25 Amazon gift card. Free money, yes please! I do need to order both water and furnace filters so plan on using this to defray some of the cost.

Recent grocery shopping

 Penzey's order recently arrived.
 Multiple trips to CVS for replenishing of sick supplies. At one point, all 3 of us were not well, between whatever crud my new RX gave me and allergies.
 Some treasures at Dollar Tree. Anxious to try these fish sauces. Zayon Cod order is to be picked up Tues, fish for supper that night!
 Some perishables, including OJ which was on the sick list. The precooked Johnsonville pork bfst sausages were marked down. After applying DS#1's employee discount, I paid 15 cents/pkg.
 Actually got a crash n burn one, saving 50 cents off of the sale price. Nice.
 Ah! Summer fruits  . . .
Some pantry stock up, sale plus coupon deals here.

I had skipped a Friday weekly shopping, I have been that sick. To date, I've only spend 50% of the monthly budget with no impending needs on the horizon.

18 weeks

The journey continues. At my recent hair cut, my hairdresser told me that the back is fully transitioned now, more pepper than salt and I can start growing it out again. I wait for the sides now.

Tried something new

 I had picked 3 of these up at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, and decided to give them a try for Friday night, pizza night.
Pepperoni-onion, onion-mushroom-black olive.  The directions were to cook directly on the oven rack (I didn't want to risk a messy oven) and these still came out nice and crisp. I personally prefer a thicker crust, these are good, however.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday: another quick recovery meal

I pan fried some premade, preseasoned (Perdue?) turkey burgers that I bought on marked down back in May and froze. I did add additional black pepper and onion powder, which is customary for me. Choice of assorted condiments, including some bread and butter pickles. Glad to have something quick to prepare on hand. A can of Bush's baked beans completed the offerings.