Saturday, May 26, 2018

My new laundry routine

Sheets, cloth napkins, whites are being stored in my 3 section laundry sorter on wheels. Towels are being air dried, as always, but instead of going in the aforementioned laundry sorter, I am storing them, folded, in a laundry basket on top of the dryer. I may* cave and hit the local laundromat to do them. For now, we just keep plowing through towels and napkins as usual.

I am keeping a small, dish bin on the kitchen counter. Colored clothing is getting placed in there until morning when I do a batch of hand washing in the divided kitchen sink. I wash in the bin, wring the laundry out, and place it in the other side of the sink.

 After emptying the wash basin, I run cold water over the laundry in the left side of the sink, rinse item one over the rest of the clothes, ultimately wringing it out and placing it in the awaiting bin, now on the right side of the sink. Repeat until all is rinsed and wrung out.
 Once outside, I wring the laundry one more time, before setting it out on an awaiting clothes horse.I try to do this in the shade. Today is oppressively hot.  I have an issue with my clothesline, and it has to come down for impending tree removal anyway, so I am back to using my clothes horses. No worries.
Finally, I move the clothes horse to the full sun of the day. It will initially drip dry quite a bit, despite all of my wringing out of the laundry, but will be dry come supper time. Brings me back to my college and camping days.

Memorial Day on a budget


Traditionally for us, Memorial Day weekend has been a series of cookouts, weather dependent. This year is no different. DS #3 is traveling but all the other kids will be here, plus one. My menu:

-marinated London Broil (smaller steak bought on sale for $2 or less/lb and frozen, now marinating in 1/2 a portion of some crash n burn veggie marinade mix bought for 37 cents plus oil, vinegar, water on hand-call it 50 cents worth.
-with 2 extra guests at the table, I am also grilling the extra rope of kielbasa bought at Easter,
-baked Russet potatoes, using the 3 remaining Bakers I had on hand, plus some from a new 5 lb bag bought yesterday, call it $1.50. Served with butter, salt/pepper
-5 ears of Butter/sugar corn $1 sale
-tossed salad of green leaf lettuce ($1.49), sliced tomato (50 cents), grated carrot (10 cents), purple onion (10 cents), sliced cuke 67 cents, served with choice of assorted dressings (all under $1.50 each per bottle/cruet)
-dessert will be a new to me recipe: Blueberry sour cream pie ($5?)

There is an assortment of beverages: 2 l Pepsi and Schweppes (88 cents each), Simply strawberry lemonade ($1.45 each).

Monday's menu:
-burgers (ground beef bought on marked down and frozen) and sausage of some sort (I have beef hot dogs, beer brats on hand-$2.49 and under)
-marked down hamburger and hot dog buns @ 67 each
-assorted condiments, sliced cheese (all bought on sale)
-baked beans ($1)
-tossed salad like above
-aforementioned beverages
-watermelon $2.99

All in all, I've been able to control costs well for this weekend.

Fish on Friday

A lurking last box of Mrs Paul's breaded fish fillets was baked off with the last of a bag of Trader Joe's tater tots in the convection oven. Choice of having the fish as a sandwich with/out tartar sauce and/or cheese. Sides included the rest of the coleslaw from earlier in the week, and l/o green/waxed beans.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Garden update

A year ago, I started with this existing, long planter, with a bed in front, edged in Belgian block. The planter holds cat mint, the lower bed yellow lillies.

 Here it is today: weeded, fertilized and mulched, the cat mint going wild, along with the lillies. The daffodils I was gifted bloomed earlier, and newly transplanted spring daisies seem to be taking OK.
 This is my new bed to the right. I lost a few plants over Winter, but currently have Plumaria, and purple Irisis in bloom.

with Peonies budding and soon to open, to be followed by roses, which are starting to bud. It's coming along, I have more perennials I'd like to add, as funds allow.

Capitalizing on a last minute, limited deal from Penzey's

I found a last minute email from Penzey's announcing a 3 free item deal, plus free shipping if you spend $15. I've had an ever increasing list of spice needs. Time to pull the trigger on this.

I ordered:
-bag of minced roasted garlic (free)
-jar of Fox point (free)
-small jar of Shallot pepper seasoning (free)
-whole nutmegs
-ground cloves
-Bay leaves
-freeze dried chives
-French tarragon

$51.68 value for $28.21 with no shipping charges, my spice needs will be replenished. Well worth it, and will be tallied into June's grocery budget.

Product review: Dollar Tree "club crackers"

Recent illness had me nibbling on lots of crackers, including these new to me, Dollar Tree version of Club crackers. Very good, love the price, and made in USA. Will definitely buy them again.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

What's been cooking? and thankful I plan ahead

 Following a 5 pm appointment for DS, once I returned home, I made a quick pasta sauce, turning to some Italian sausages that I fried off into crumbles, celery, minced fresh garlic in oil, dried onion, black pepper, a touch of sugar, some Italian dried herbs, a Knorr beef stock cube mixed with a touch of water, the rest of the opened can of tomato puree from the lentil sloppy joes. It came out really well. DD had hers over GF penne, DS and I had ours over elbow macaroni, that I intentionally cooked extra of for the next night's dinner. I also served a simple salad of leaf lettuce, sliced red onion, green olives, tomato with choice of dressings.
 After cleaning up from supper, I set to making the casserole for Thursday (today). I Pam* sprayed a covered casserole, mixed a can of cr mushroom soup with 1/2 of a can of milk and some added black pepper to create a sauce. I folded the cooked elbow macaroni into this, then topped the casserole with 4 scored on top, beef hot dogs, finally adding a generous sprinkle of Parmesan on top. Far, far from gourmet, but it fills tummies and is a beloved casserole dish that I grew up eating-not sure where Mom sourced the recipe from.
 It awaits me until supper time, to be served with choice of condiments: usually ketchup and assorted relishes.
I mixed a can of wax beans with a can of green beans for the side veg. Planned overs will reappear soon. DS and I have planned over coleslaw, I can make a quick side salad for one for DD.

I awoke, ill, at 1:30 a.m.. Went to the living room to fall asleep upright in my recliner, basin next to me. I did sleep. Got up and got DS settled for the day, took my RX, back to the recliner to sleep some more. Managed to keep cinnamon toast and flat Cola down. More napping as I "watched" Good morning America. Been noshing on saltines and drinking more Cola. Not sure that I'll be eating my intended supper .. . may just be some chicken bouillon and more saltines. I'm already feeling tired again, my "normal" is to be up at 5, 30-45 minute nap by 2 p.m. Yesterday afternoon, I napped/rested for almost 3 hours. Apparently, I picked up some sort of a virus-neither of the 2 kids at home caught it. Been a long time since I have been ill outside of my usual stuff. Keeping hydrated is essential for me, due to my RX and being a kidney patient.