Monday, March 19, 2018

St Pat's and Sunday supper

 Saturday turned out to be St Pat's for one, as the kids all had plans. No worries, I cooked a larger corned beef brisket as I had planned overs in mind for Sunday supper, including the extra potatoes, intentionally prepared ahead of time. I got a screaming deal on corned beef, flat cut briskets this year at $1.87/lb. 5 lb bags of potatoes were $1.49, and cabbage was 15/1b. I bought 6 CB, 2 bags spuds, 3 cababges.
 I made a scratch cole slaw for Sunday supper.
 Using a can of whole potatoes off of the pantry shelf (crash n burn item) I diced them up, along with the precooked potatoes from Sat. I added some diced red onion (went through my onions, potatoes recently and found some starting to go so these are in my radar to be used up pronto!), a bit of reserved bacon fat.
 I sliced some meat off of the planned over brisket, but still have quite a bit left. I see sandwich fillings this week, or perhaps I will freeze this as well.
 I diced up a generous amount of the cooked corned beef.
 Once the potatoes were golden and the onions were soft, I seasoned them with some black pepper
 and then added the diced meat, allowing this to cook and develop a nice crust.
A common meal for me while growing up: corned beef hash with spicy brown mustard, cole slaw, pork beans. Yum!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Needed to put together a lunch for today

After a simple breakfast, as far as Sunday breakfasts go (I had Raisin English muffins, coffee; DS #2 had cold cereal, hardboiled eggs, cocoa), I turned my attention to what we'll be having for lunch. While sandwiches are always an option, I always turn to leftovers, especially on days when more than one of us are home for lunch.

 Here's what I had to work with, including (later added to the mix: a bag of broken, hard taco shells): a can of 49 cent crash n burn Rotel type tomatoes, a jar of salsa that was almost empty, a bag of mixed Mexican cheeses that was almost empty, the dregs of beef-black bean taco filling, leftover Goya Mexican rice with corn, the rest of a block of Cheddar that I grated for a recent taco night.
 After generously spraying some cooking spray inside this Freecycle to me covered casserole, I added the meat mixture and topped it with the salsa as I wanted a bit of extra liquid in there.
 The rice layer was next, followed by the Rotel tomatoes, and then the broken corn taco shells that I broke up even further (forgot to snap a pic)
I then added the Cheddar and topped this with the rest of the Mexican cheese blend. Voila, taco bake now covered and awaiting me for later this morning, to pop into the mini convection oven to bake off. Love using stuff up, avoiding food waste and creating something out of what may seem like nothing. A green salad will accompany, with choice of dressing but I am leaning towards a creamy Ranch if it is open (pretty sure we have one in the fridge now).

All baked off

DS's plate. Came out pretty good, too.

Friday, March 16, 2018

A simple supper

 We've been really good about leftovers lately. I do have one portion of pasta bake (Sat lunch for DS) and some taco filling and rice (Sat lunch for me) and some meatloaf for sandwiches on Sun, but that's it. DD is away until Sunday morning so I turned to something simple. I grabbed a lurking, large  can of crash n burn chicken breast (drained the broth off for an upcoming soup), flaked the meat before adding sliced scallion, one stalk's worth of chopped celery, French tarragon, black pepper and mayonnaise. Mixed well, it's now blending together, flavor wise, for supper. I will serve this on soft Kaiser rolls with a bunch of organic, baby salad greens. No fresh tomato this time of year. I have sliced Gouda and sliced Munster if DS is interested, I won't put cheese on mine. Kosher dill pickle spears on the side.
I remain quite happy that my local S & S now does have a marked down produce section. I chanced upon these USA Bartlett pears which are perfect for eating this weekend. I plan on slicing 2 up tonight, to go along with our sandwiches.

Choice of coconut cream pudding (and yes, it's yummy!) or raspberry jello for dessert seekers.

Keeping up on rebates

A while back (Jan?) I submitted a rebate worth $9.99 from a purchase aka "Try me free!" promo for Arm & Hammer's new slide formulation cat litter. Luckily, I had taken a photo of both the on line form that is electronically filled out and submitted as well as the physical rebate claim that I had to mail in, along with the required receipt, UPC, the freebie promo sticker etc.

A few weeks back, I got a post card advising me that due to improper claim submission, the rebate will not be honored. Luckily, there was a phone number to call. I called asked what the issue was as I checked and triple checked that all was done right (especially annoyed as I didn't have a working printer at wthe time and had to drive down town to the city library to handle this). He stated that the UPC was missing. I told him that I taped it down, used my finger nail to ensure by rubbing, that it would adhere well. I also told him that I have a photo of what I mailed and can send it to him. I asked how this can happen as I was very careful and wouldn't the fact that the product is typed on the store receipt be proof of purchase? He looked on line and what he saw was that the UPC somehow came off. He told me that he would honor it, and that it would take 2-5 weeks to complete processing.

Happy to get $9.99 in the mail today. A sizable refund not to just let go. I still find it strange that the UPC somehow went "missing"-how many other customers had this happen? Hmm . .

Dollar Tree trip

My ever growing list had several Dollar Tree items on it, so I swung by the 2 DT's in my city, coming home with the above.
4, 25 oz dishwasher powder detergent ( I store the powder in a repurposed Costco dishwasher pod tub that is air tight) This is a few month's worth.
1 jug bleach I only use it for 1 load whites/week and takes me a long time to use up
2, 9 (?) oz bags honey-wheat pretzel rods
3, 50 oz bottles of my preferred brand dish soap

By chance, I received an e-mail advertisement for DT, and while checking it out, noted that the LA's amazing dish soap IS available on line (9 count case) in both a tropical floral (may have different name) as well as grapefruit-a scent that I prefer along with lavender. With the above 3 more bottles added to my storage cabinet, I have a case or 9 bottles of this soon to be gone, larger size bottle of dish soap. I also have a few mini bottles of Palmolive that I picked up when I had the latest DT on line order disaster.

In case you missed it, DT DOES still carry this dish soap, it's now repackaged down to a 30 oz size. Still a bargain, but why pay more when they are trying to clear out what 50 oz bottles remain at the warehouse?

April 2018 menus


As ever, my menu planning starts with a look at what is already on hand, what I prioritize as needing to be used up, especially with impending warmer weather on the horizon. Keeping the bulk of my menus using on hand ingredients has saved me a ton of money over the years. We continue to eat a varied, healthful diet. I only need to buy 3 items (outside of fresh salad greens/produce) to complete these menus:

1-baked ham with pineapple rings, mashed potatoes, asparagus (buy), steamed carrots
2-creamed tuna on rice, peas
3-cinnamon spiced sweet potato soup, crackers
4-Farfalle with marinara, salad, green beans
5-fzn beef stew (keeps getting pushed off the menus-grr)
6-Senate bean soup
8-homemade breaded chicken strips with choice of dipping sauces, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots & parsnips, coleslaw
9-Italian sausage-spinach quiche, beets, salad
10-Autumn Harvest soup: carrot-Butternut soup; saltines
11-baked Rigatoni with sausage crumbles and cheese, salad, fzn broccoli
12-pate chinois, apple-raisin slaw
13-clam chowder, saltines
15-roast turkey breast, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked acorn squash rings in orange sauce(buy OJ), green beans
16-Salmon cakes, French fries, coleslaw
17-turkey noodle soup, crackers
18-turkey tettrazini, salad
19-CP chilli, corn bread
20-veggie burgers on rolls, salad
22-DS #1 birthday TBD
23-fish sticks, mashed potato, coleslaw, corn
24-sausage minestrone soup
25-hamburger and macaroni (use Italian sausage), salad, green beans
26-rice noodle lo mein, pot stickers (buy)
27-vegetable soup, saltines
29-CP pot roast, mashed potato, gravy, peas & carrots
30-stroganoff, beets, salad

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Desserts on the cheap

 Time to make some desserts, turning to what is already on hand. A big box of store brand, crash n burn Raspberry Jello made with well water so no additional cost=$0.79 for 8 servings at 9 cents .Due Due to concerns over plastic packaging of the ready to eat Jello, I don't buy it, never mind the cost. If I am up to it, I will whip some fresh cream to go on top.

2 boxes of crash and burn Jello brand coconut cream cook style pudding @ $0.79 each, + $0.72 worth of milk =$2.30 for 8 servings or 28 cents each. Once again, should I make some whipped cream, a dollop will be added to the serving dish.

A little treat, on a budget. Glad to get these items out of the cabinet.