Monday, September 25, 2017

Small mending and use it all up

 An area with several holes appeared in this dish cloth, after laundering it this weekend. A quick darning on the sewing machine, using bright gold thread, reinforced it.
 The gold blends in pretty well, not that it really matters to me when making such utilitarian repairs.
 Saturday night is soup or sandwich night and we decided that due to the oppressive heat and humidity, that sandwiches would be on the menu. DS, who rarely puts in a request wanted chips, so I got some.
 I used the rest of the roast turkey breast, celery, scallions, herbs, mayonnaise and made a turkey salad
DS's plate, with 2 defrosted rolls out of the freezer.

Reaching deep into the cabinets


Several of us are digging deep into the pantries, cupboards and freezers for a variety of reasons (impending move, finances, etc). For me, it's been to use what I have and free up some extra cash to absorb the costs of some additional repairs before Winter sets in. Additionally, now that I've consolidated my back up pantry down cellar and organized it well, I have some lurkers in my radar. I'm looking for suggestions on how to use the following:

-sun dried tomatoes
-brown teff
-picalilli relish
-assorted jams (peach, gingered pear, mixed berry etc)
-a bit of bran flakes
-dried whole figs

What are you finding at your home?

Getting through the detergent pods

Really defeats their intended method, but I followed a reader's suggestion and presoaked/dissolved the pod in a cup of hot tap water, pouring the soapy water over the laundry in the front loader before running the machine. No spots, sticky gunk on laundry this way. The plan is to use these up, never to buy them again.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Home maintenance: safety repair

 Mason was here yesterday, attending to a loose step, just past this covered stoop. Yet another delayed maintenance item at this home. I got multiple quotes, and recommendations, finally deciding to go with an Albanian immigrant mason. His work is very good, prices fair.
Besides the now repaired stoop and step, 2 cracks in my concrete front walkway were enlarged and cement filled again. Safety is the overarching concern here. Adding this repair to this month's budget meant pinching back in other areas. Glad to get it taken care of, it's part of my Winter preparation.

Sunday supper this week: C.O.R.N.

A week filled it seems with budget stretching casseroles has lead to leftovers, even after my partaking of them for my lunches at home. 2 DS's aren't coming today and naturally the plus one won't either so it's just the 3 of us tonight. Best to use what I have, even if it means 3 differently filled plates. I only have a few leaves of Romaine lettuce as I didn't go to the farmer's market yesterday, so I am thinking of grabbing some so that I can serve a salad with dinner.
 All I really had to do was make some salad bowls

and fix some leftover plates for reheating in the microwave. Done.

Add in that we've got a surge in temperatures for a few days, most of the week actually, so not heating up the kitchen is welcomed.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

I hate laundry detergent pods

A while back, I got a screaming deal on Tide pods, combining a rebate promo with a large coupon  as well as store brand detergent pods on crash n burn. :I did the maths, final cost was comparable to what I usually pay per load for liquid laundry detergent.

Nothing but trouble, and yes, I am following manufacturer's directions:

1-pod gets stuck between large gasket and front window of my washer. I have a top of the line, Speed Queen HE front loader that I love. I got it, in particular, as it only uses just over 11 gallons of water. We are on a well and septic. Solution is to wipe it out, after removing all of the now "rinsed" laundry, place it back in the rear of the machine, return the wet clothes and run the machine all over again, doubling my energy costs and water usage.

2-pod doesn't fully dissolve, meaning that once again, I have to rewash some clothing (although not all usually). That doesn't work 100% and I've had to hand wash and scrub the residual, blue soap in the sink, using a brush. Kind of defeats the purpose of owning a machine

3-and this: the outer shell of the pod (at least this is what I suspect) isn't completely dissolving, leaving behind a sticky, glue like substance on some of the laundered items (better than the full load), and once again, I am found brush in hand, clearing this off the fabric in the sink. The texture reminds me of the glue like substance used to adhere some paperboard coupons onto paper flyers.

I've complained to Tide, and await a reply (not holding my breath). Others on forums have been complaining about these pods since 2012 with Tide's response being to remind the customer of proper usage instructions, to say sorry, and sometimes offer a Tide pods coupon, which is the last thing the customer wants, as the product sucks. Many are throwing ruined clothes away, but admittedly not attempting to soak or try to clean the items again.

Anyone else ever have had or are having issues with detergent pods? Normally twice if not more expensive than traditional alternatives, I hadn't bought them. Guess that was a good thing. Now I have a lot to use up, although I am thinking of offering them up to college boy or my older son who doesn't live with me. I have also seen reports, with photos, of a greasy slimey black reside building up on some folk's washing machines, under the agitator for example. I spent a small fortune on my machine with the intention of getting many years out of it. Grrr . .

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday night dinner for one

 DD is working late, DS has dinner with Dad, so it's a Y.O.Y.O. night for DD and I have dinner for one. A quiet night, keeping it easy. I made a salad plate and then rummaged through the leftovers
The rest of the hot dog casserole, the rest of the corn, some beets was what I went with. This worked.