Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Shop Rite's Can-Can sale

 DD went over to Shop Rite to pick up quite a few deals from their "Can-Can" sale. I also was able to save $35.30 using doubled under $1 coupons.  Here's what we got: 3 cans juice pack pineapple @ $1(sale + cpn), 8 cans no salt stewed tomatoes @ 50 cents, 6 cans each no salt green beans and corn @ 34 cents, 2 low sodium soups @ 99, 1 can organic fire roasted, diced tomatoes @ $99 cents. I also got 12 large cans no salt tomato sauce @ 69, 2 Hellman's mayo @ $1.99 (sale + cpn), 1 Heinz BBQ sauce @ $1.99 (cpn), 1 French's ketchup Free (sale + cpn),, 1 French's mustard @ 49 (sale + cpn), 1 Heinz simplyketchup @ $2.24(sale + cpn), 2 Heinz mustard @ 69 (sale + cpn), 4 Knorr noodle mixs @ 50 cents (sale + cpn), 1 Arnold bread @ $2.89, 1 bag Bakery on Main gluten free granola(DD bought).
 I got 4, 1 lb pkgs of grain fed ground beef on marked down @ $4.54,  1 chicken Italian sausage @ $3.24 (sale + cpn),  2 half gallons of store brand "lactaid" milk, qt store brand buttermilk, 4 dozen large eggs @ 89 (sale + cpn)
 1 lb of meat=2 meals here. Note that I saved some ink by using the original label inside a baggie to avoid some writing .

2 Marzettis dressings @ $1.99 (sale + cpn), qt organic yogurt @ $2,89 (sale + cpn), 6 lactaid yogurts
(Dd paid for), pint store brand whipping cream,

I also bought a Starwars themed Softsoap foaming pump soap-free after (sale + cpn), 4 multi packs wipes (alternative funds cover these)also on sale 50% off this week, 2 really large bonus sized bottles of Suave @ $2.89 and 2 really large bonus sized bottles of Vaseline Intensive care lotions @$4.49, 1 4 ct pkg C batteries.

I spent $101.86.

Tuesday: turkey burgers

A package of marked down, ground turkey was defrosted in anticipation of tonight's dinner:

Pan seared turkey burgers 
choice of condiments
choice between sesame seeded and potato buns
oven baked, sweet potato fries (frozen)
tossed salad with choice of dressing

Job search update

Image: http://www.bdbmc.org/clientuploads/Immediate-Job-Openings.jpg

Once I had completed my coursework in early January, I reviewed and polished up my resume and cover letter once more before sending it out, via coomputer, in response to job openings. I applied to one at an orthopedist practice and 7 at the local hospital. The orthopedist office turned me down, but I heard back pretty quickly from who I am calling "the screener" for the hospital.

The screener and I had several phone conversations about various positions, including 2 that aren't even yet posted on the hospital's website. She told me that the next step is for her to forward my application to a recruiter. Should he give it a green light, either he or the screener would call me.

The recruiter called me last night to set up an interview for this Thursday at the local hospital. He confirmed today via phone, and send me a standard criminal background form to complete, and advised me of what to expect on Thursday and some tips for success.

So, I will print out 2 copies of my resume, as requested, pick out a nice outfit and hope for the best. I am in the third phase of my change in careers now, and luckily have 8 months to get a job before my insurance runs out.

And I am in!

Image: http://www.ocalafl.org/Home/ShowImage?id=1078&t=636107579229870000

Back in December, I attended a 2 hour Volunteer Orientation. Shortly afterwards, I had an hour long interview with the director of Volunteer Services at the local hospital. I filled out what paperwork I could, made arrangements throught my PCP to get 2 required blood tests done so that my PCP coould sign off on approving my volunteering at the hospital. I waited and finally received an online invite to fill out a computerized background check. I waited some more. I e-mailed, asking for any update on my application to volunteer. I was told that the director was out that day, but the secretary would have her call me the next day. A week went by. I finally heard from the director, who seemed to be talking me out of volunteering. I reaffirmed that I am very serious about this, and she told me that I am cleared to volunteer and she'd like to assign me to the Medical records dept, and that the director there would call me the next day.

 I waited a week and a half.  The Director of volunteer services, and not the Medical records director, phoned me late last week, advising that we're good to go, she has an ID badge but we have to wait for IT to set me up on the hospital's computer system in order to work on private health records. She warned me that it will probably be a week, 2 at the latest before that happens.

Phew! I didn't realize how complicated this would be! Interestingly, this hospitals, as well as others, often turn volunteers away as many are seeking to gain experience, as I am, in a hospital setting. SO, I am "on hold" until I hear back yet once more.

 I'm calling this phase 2 in my pursuit of a new career.

Lunches around here lately

 Leftover crabmeat-Swiss quiche, a cup of leftover bean salad for DS
 Canned macaroni and bean soup with a side salad was my fare for 2 days

 On Saturday, I made beef burgers for the 3 of us, a treat really. Macaroni salad on the side
Leftover spaghetti with 1/2 of my chicken Parmesan that I made (too much for me to finish at supper the night before) and a tossed salad.

Last night, I packed up the leftovers into a container for lunch today, as I have done for years. Lunch is an opportunity to keep my grips on food waste.

Pantry/freezer challenge: dessert

I wished to make a dessert last night, so I grabbed a bag of frozen, leftover rice, a lurking quart of almond egg nog, eggs, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, raisins and made a small batch of rice pudding, adding the raisins to only 1/2 as DD can't have them, while on a FODMAP diet.

Trying something new: Tofu scramble

DD asked me to make this for her this morning: a Mexican spiced, Tofu scramble. She really liked it, found it quite filling so we have an extra day's worth for tomorrow. Anyone else use scrambled Tofu for a protein at breakfast?