Monday, May 22, 2017

Internet inspiration

 Looking on the 'net for ideas, this image above is where I found my inspiration for my laundry/half bath, with a twist.
The paint here is fresh and a bold, bright Kelly green, which is what I wanted. I will like it a bit more once the paint cures completely, and I assume it will mellow a bit as did the living area brown, the kitchen's green. I will have white appliances below these cabinets, white toilet/pedestal sink. White curtains (I think) on the window to the right. At this point, while the inside of the cabinets will be painted in a gloss white to refreshen them, I am keeping the Birch/Maple cabinets as they are. One of my sewing machines will be stored in here, the second will be housed in my bedroom.

More updates from over the weekend

 DD's fan with light kit
 DS's fan with light kit
 Master bedroom fan with light kit
 Living room fan with light kit

The kitchen also has one, I forgot to take a picture
 Dining room chandelier is up
There is now an electrical shut off under the kitchen sink for the dishwasher. Uncoded, subpar, illegal work previously done didn't include one. @@

Electrician is labeling the electrical panel for me.

 No more cellar windows with holes. All reputtied, with thick layers of putty on the original, 1960, cast iron frames.
 Second window repaired
 and final one of the three that were damaged. 3 additional windows are OK, so no repair needed.
 Turns out, the window/glass guy was able to install my custom storm panel on Saturday. Here it is on the OUTSIDE of the house, not the inside, as a former installation with the wrong type of glass was located. @@
 Tile work continues in the Master bath. Here is a work station set up on the Master bedroom floor.
 Shower band of glossy black with white tiles are up, filling the niche along the way. I await the delivery of the Carerra marble seat for my bench and threshold to the shower.

Here is the floor-same tile as the accent in the shower. Another issue came up. Original mud floor was higher than anticipated. Contractor didn't realize it until he started to work on the floor. The original pink cove bottom pieces will leave a wide gap above. We're solving this by ordering 4 inch square glossy black as a trim bottom border, to coordinate with the floor. Naturally, this will delay final completion.
Time is definitely curing the Granny Smith green of the kitchen that was originally shockingly brighter than expected. It is now the mellow green I was looking for.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

This has been floor week

 From before I even bought the home, this past week was set aside for wooden floor guy. The actual wooden floor in the kitchen (new flooring) was installed last week, and the initial rough sanding started early. The initially overly bright green paint in the kitchen is softening, for lack of a better term. I am not the only observer to note this. As I'd rather not spend another $70 at this point to repaint, we'll live with it, which again is developing a much softer tone. Kitchen cabinets were reinstalled (bottoms only were taken out for the flooring), with some repairs done to the cabinets in the process: new plywood floor in the sink base cabinet, new plywood side panel against the dishwasher (there never was one).
 Here is the finished, red oak floor of the kitchen with my new gas range.
 Entry way floor
 Hallway floor, with photo showing singular, wide step up from living room, as well as cedar lined closet of entry.
 Living room floor
 DD's floor (my and DS#2's bedroom floors came out equally as nice). Had I chosen to replace all of the existing wood in addition to adding wood to the kitchen, I would have paid $8900 more. Refinishing was certainly a smart move on my part.
Black and white tile floor of the laundry/half bath was installed. It is now grouted, the room painted a bright Kelly green,which I expected to be bright, compared to the kitchen.

Electrician returned this week, replacing the taped over, cracked push button garage door opener on the wall of the garage (see above),  installing fixtures (light kits for ceiling of kitchen)
5 ceiling fans), outlet/switch covers, labeling the electric panel, creating a smooth, stainless steel exhaust tube for the dryer (hate those slinky, foil based ones-nothing but fire traps!). He has more to do, and even returned on Sat. He told me to call him when the medicine chests are in, and he will reinstall the existing light fixtures over the sink and address some msc such as switch out the garage light with one that has a motion sensor.

The contractor had access to the home on Monday morning until 12 noon, then was kicked off the job until Friday as every day earlier in the week meant a different coat was going down on the floors (I went with a natural stain and had 3 coats of polyurethane put down to protect it). Contractor had pulled himself off of the job a few times in prior weeks, and was behind, so I was pleased when he offered to work Saturday (yesterday) and had been working on my bathroom tile while his assistant is painting and working on trim.

The rest of the appliances were delivered: washer, dryer and fridge.

Glass guy was out, is repairing the cellar windows: replacing broken glass, reputtying all of the castiron frames. He returns Mon evening after work to install a custom storm panel I had him make for over the large, wide side light of the front door. What the former owner had made was the wrong glass, poorly installed, installed on the INSIDE of all things . . like everything else I saw/see that he touched, it's being redone RIGHT.

Limited shopping and awesome crash n burn

 The remodeling home is located near a S&S that has a great crash and burn section, it seems. I grabbed a few deals, even with the impending move as they were too good to pass up: 12 pack of store brand "Northern like" tp, canned beans, canned tomato sauce (love the smaller cans for recipes, including pizza)
New England style hot dog rolls, which I prefer and some bread-all now frozen.

The next few weeks are my transition weeks as we move out of this rental and ready it to turn back over, and move into my new, forever home. I will have some extra expenses as a result (last month's electric included $15 for the new to me home) but I have been lucky that my last rent check was for 5/1 and my first mortgage payment is for 6/1. No overlap.

The LL reached out to me to arrange a final walk through date, I replied and await a finalization for the walk thru. We move on the 25th but meanwhile, we are starting to move what I call "smalls" and take everything off of walls, switch out our curtains for the LL's. I am required to spackle and repaint any holes. I already own spackle from last rental and there is paint in the garage. The wall touch up will happen this week, leaving a deep clean before my to be determined, final walk thru. Meanwhile, the new rug cleaner has picked up my room rugs and after having cleaned them, will return them to the new home.

Recent lunches

 This week has found me eating more sandwiches than usual but a few leftovers themed lunches as well: l/o beef burger, l/o stewed tomatoes with green beans and a side salad topped with beans. Recent blood/urine labs have my nephologist tweaking my meds again and he now wants me to restrict meat. Ugh-I don't feel that I eat a lot of meat as it is. I also need to increase my potassium, he is recommending that I add some dried fruit to my diet every other day.

l/o hotdogs and buns with a side salad.

What's been cooking?

 Last week's Sunday supper saw yet another Crock Pot "baked" meatloaf. Mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus and a salad rounded out the meal.
 Pan sauteed Whiting fillets (fzn fish) became fish on Monday, with a side of buttered noodles, beets and leftover asparagus.
 Hamburgers for Tues, with leftover hotdogs warmed up as well. Side salad as well as a choice of veg:

 plain, steamed haricot verts for DD
and green beans in stewed tomatoes for me and DS #2.
 Wed was pasta night,using some fzn chicken Italian sausage over a fancy pasta cut. Steamed Prince Edward veggie blend and a salad.
 Thurs dinner for one became a large salad plus a sandwich of some sort (I forget)
Fri: marked down grass fed beef was used to make sloppy joes. I also made some homemade oven fries and served canned corn.

Sat was C.O.R.N. night. We are moving on Thursday morning, so really keeping an eye on foodstuffs.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday night pizza night, product review

 Friday night's pizza this week included trying this box mix of gluten free pizza crust from Aldi's. We have already tried a few others, and had deemed Bob's Red Mill's the winner. This mix does make a smaller pizza (12 inch) vs the 16 that the other brands do, but was a bit cheaper (don't recall the actual cost). MUCH easier to work with the dough, DD really liked it, so I am guessing that we'll stick to this for now, after using the last bag of Bob's Red Mill up.
DS #2 and I had a traditional pizza, and I used my ABM to mix and proof the dough from scratch. I used the dregs of a bottle of garlic infused EVOO along with some Italian herbs for the crust this time. My home made and canned tomato sauce was the pizza topping along with a home shredded blend of Mozzarella, Cheddar and some additional Parmesan. We used Italian sausage, no nitrite Pepperoni, red onion, mushrooms. Yummy! DD used the GF crust, sauce and cheeses as we did, but topped hers with Pepperoni, sausage, scallions.