Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday supper: "BBQ sauced" BSCB

Moving the menus around a bit: I originally had London Broil set aside, and I know that I cooked 2 the last time that I served it. I strongly suspect, however, that I still have more London broil in the chest freezer, but have no desire with the state of my lower back, to bend over and dig. Additionally, I am to reduce all meat consumption, but especially red meat so I grabbed some of the BSCB I had bought recently on marked down. I plan on grilling it and creating a "BBQ-Chinese sweet and sour combo" sauce to top them for the last 20 minutes, creating a glaze. Sides will be pan fried cabbage (currently have a lot of cabbage on hand) fried in reserved bacon fat (yes, I know but a little goes a long way) with Vidalia onions, seasoned with salt and pepper. I will also have steamed, organic carrots and buttered, veggie spiral pasta. Not sure if there will be any dessert.

Looking for recipe ideas to use pulses and legumes?


Check out this website, suggested to me by a blog reader:

Grocery deals

 August 11th was my last, proper grocery shopping trip. I took advantage of multiple deals, including these: $2.99 and $2.49 for cereal after cpns, 2 bags gummi bears, a mint chocolate cookie/treat, a jar of pasta sauce for my emergency meal shelf (had used the one I had), tortilla chips.
 Ground beef was a loss leader, limit 1. I also got some needed items, including a dessert style yogurt cup with a large coupon, loss leader bar of Cracker Barrel Cheddar.
Northern TP was on sale at $4.99, not needed but a great price so I grabbed it. My HUGE deal was on 150 oz jugs of Tide and a tub of Tide pods. The pods are normally $18.99, the jugs of liquid Tide is normally $17.99.  So, $54.97 worth of detergent before tax. ACK!  The liquid Tide was on sale, $1 off each, so now $52.97. If I bought 3 of the types of Tide, I got $15 off, so $37.97 now. Better yet, I stacked manufacturer's coupons on top of this deal: $2 off the pods, $2 off one of the jugs, $3 off the last jug so now $30.97. We are able to take advantage of DS's employee discount so another $6.64 came off, new total: $24.33 for all 3. I aim to pay no more than $5/50 oz liquid jug (or equivalent). Since I literally measure 2 oz per laundry load, I know that this equals paying no more than 25 cents/load. I usually spend a lot less.

Liquid tide @ 150 oz jugs=75 loads x 2
Pods=72 loads (only need one in my huge HE machine)
Total 222 loads

$24.33/222 loads=10 cents./load

So yes, I WILL stockpile these type of deals.

Recent crash and burn deals

Most of my grocery shopping of late has been to grab a specific few items that are needed. As ever, I check the marked downs for any deals. I recently grabbed these:

 New England hot dog buns, white bread; low sodium, V* (great for Winter soups), cheez its, 4 each of Girl scout brownies and a ripple chocolate coffee cake/muffin mix (all were clearanced as the store is no longer carrying them so 75% off), store brand v8, a few cans of beans

 Click on photo for actual prices
 Trip 2: more 75% off items, this time it was store brand detergent pods.  I also got a can of tomato sauce and 2 of canned pasta for quick lunches

Closing out my medical insurance year, recovering medically

 I refilled my 90 day RX for nasal sprays, OOP $0. I've also ordered my new PSA drug for 90 days, worth over $9000, but OOP $0 for me.
 One kitty really isn't a lap cat, although he is a snuggler and will spend the Fall and Winter sleeping in my bed, he must have been sensing that I was far from well, climbing up onto my lap while I was in the recliner. Ice packs and a heating pad remain my friends. I did have to call the MD back on Friday, as the pain had returned with a vengeance as the steroids tapered off. He called in a muscle relaxer RX. I have yet to take it, right now things are manageable but I didn't want to be without it over the weekend, just in case. I took the last steroid pill this morning. I see the back specialist on Tues (still in this plan's year)and am concerned that he will recommend PT. With so few days remaining in August, where it would be free for me, should I have to do it in Sept, it would be very expensive, and I will have to pay all costs, due to starting with a new deductible. I currently have all extra monies for Sept earmarked for home improvement projects (insulation, tree work) and the remaining months of the year will find me setting aside monies monthly to build up $6600 for my 2018 deductible as well as to knock down credit card debt from the remodel.
TV, especially daytime TV, is simply the pits, and I've been trying to keep busy. I finally hand sewed the button holes on this PJ top to close them up tighter, as the buttons would constantly slip out of the button holes-annoying. A few minutes with a needle and thread took care of it.  In the sewing dept., I also culled 4 pairs of boxers from DS-the elastics were shot and they weren't staying up. I now have 16 new cotton rags.

Summer produce

While I have skipped the Farmer's Market twice recently, I did manage to get the following one week from there:

 Green beans, Summer squash, broccoli, carrots, leeks, the first tomatoes, corn
I also got this from a farmer friend directly: free range eggs, Rainbow chard, Butternut squash, the first tomatoes


 Tried these (very good, BTW)frozen, heirloom bean burgers
 served on toast with leftover green beans
 turkey sandwich on a roll
 hamburger on toast, leftover mixed veg
 bologna sandwich on a roll, potato chips
 leftover battered fish fillet (fish and chips was DD's birthday meal of choice) and macaroni salad
 one cool day, I grabbed some vegetable-bean soup from the freezer, it really hit the spot, had beans-perfect
 turkey sandwich, apple slices with cinnamon
 turkey sandwich on toast, potato chips
Meatball Parmesan grinder from a new to me Italian deli. I felt it was salty, but had the kids try it as I know  that I am more sensitive than most to salt. They felt it was fine. I ate half, shared the other 1/2 with DS.