Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday supper and a recipe review

 I tried a new recipe yesterday, one that I found in Family Circle magazine
 While it called for chicken drums, I used the bone in thighs from the freezer. Came out good, it's simply an oven fried chicken recipe with Parmesan. I altered it slightly, using up some dregs of corn flakes cereal along with Panko.
Herb seasoned, butter noodles; Farmer's market butter and sugar corn, Farmer friend's green beans. I also served a simple green salad with choice of homemade dressings.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Keeping it convenient, and a freebie

 On the inside of several of my cabinets, I keep my frequently used recipes. On the cabinet of the mostly baking supplies, are my baking recipes, while the entrees are kept inside the back of the spice cabinet. This works for me, keeping them close at hand.

I receieved a $20 VISA card from the energy audit company, as a nice perk. I will set it aside and use the funds for a treat-perhaps a pizza or Mexican tacos.

Kitty has recovered nicely

Poor kitty ended up having two, not one, teeth pulled earlier this week, the rest were cleaned/descaled once again. The cleaning happened once before, 3 years ago. Although we continue to use an special, enzymatic toothpaste with him, he has this issue. 7 years old . . sad to see him lose teeth, but the vet assures me that there is nothing else we could have been doing, it's just his lot.  This translated into a higher than estimated bill, naturally, which will come out of my monthly savings, once I get paid next week. I put the charges on a credit card and will promptly pay it off, avoiding any additional fees. I still have CC debt associated with the remodel (anticipated and planned for), so I am ever vigilant not to incur any additional charges unless I have a plan to immediately pay it off.

Kitty is feeling better now, off of pain meds, eating and playing as normally he would. Recently both cats had their annual physicals and vacinations so we are set for another year.

What's been cooking: keeping an eye on food waste

 Friday night's hamburger supper was aimed at using up surplus potato rolls on hand, along with some C & B canned beans
 Saturday morning found me frying off some planned over, grill baked potatoes along with some chopped scallions in reserved bacon fat
 I ground up some leftover London broil
 and created a roast beef hash  in the process
 which became Saturday's breakfast along with choice of eggs, buttered Rye toast.
Saturday lunch found me having a turkey sandwich

while DS finshed the rest of the fajita mixture from earlier in the week and the rest of the tuna-pasta salad as well. I also gave him some fruit.

This week's grocery shopping: a combined post

 I had 2 additional trips to the store this week. Wed and Saturday. Here's what I got: 2 bags of bird seed, as well as a "Premium" bag of crash n burn bird seed, 2 suet cakes (really need to find a convenient, cheaper source). All of this is tallied under "pets" so not in my food budget. Still, I need to control costs.

 A can of tomato sauce, an 8 pack of bar soap
 Shredded wheat, gatorade, tomato paste and sauce, evaporated milk (like to use this for cocoa for DS), an enchillada kit-all crash n burn.

More crash n burn: multigrain bread, New England hotdog rolls, gallon baggies, 4 herbed tomato sauce (great on pizza) 4 cans no slat organic black beans @ 49 cents!, 4 cans of discontinued "Pam" spray-which was on my list, 2 organic smoothies, 2 blocks cream cheese, evaporated milk again.

Lemoncello pastry-nothing to write home about, we tried it at $1.50 but I don't think I'll get it again, it was a treat. Cinnamon powdered mini donuts, raisin bagels, NE style hotdog buns, white bread, canned potatoes (good for emergency dinner), 3 smaller cans of pork beans-all crash n burn

 Half and half was on the list. I had bought some of these flavors of yogurt in a different brand, and DS rediscovered his like of them. Dannon, a preferred brand, is on sale, so I grabbed 4 of each. He never puts in requests so I am happy to oblige.
 2 kinds of milk was needed, along with nacho chips (guests for dinner Wed), tater tots, steak sauce, worcestershire sauce, paprika, fzn peppers.
 Coupons keep my meat costs low: loss leader, store coupon on bacon for $2.99, chicken Italian sausage on sale plus large coupon meant $1.49 out the door.
 Melon  loss leader at 97 cents store coupon. I also got nectarines, plums, peaches @ $1.99 as well as 2 cartons of strawberries for the same price.
 I chanced upon some beef strips on marked down, now divided into 2 meals for us. I also got 8 tubs of turkey breast lunch meat, keeping 2 out, freezing the rest. I paid $4/lb this way. Nice.
 The beef strips were cheap, but we really don't need as much as came in the pkg. Good economy to split it into 2. I envision stir fries with it.
 Loss leader 12 count box of Snapple tea for guests: $3.99 loss leader
$4.99 12 count double roll Northern (cheaper than Aldi's this week) and more laundry detergent which I do not need but would be foolish NOT to. Normally $4.99, it was  a bonus buy deal with $2 off, then a single loss leader store coupon netted an additional $1 off, finally, I applied a doubled manufacturer coupon on top, netting another $1.50 off. 49 cent bottle of detergent can sit quite happily in my laundry room cabinet.

Completing my OTC medical needs stock up

A final (I think*) anticipated need in the medical department for the next, upcoming 4 months as I move to a new medical insurance plan  neither a HSA or FLEX account, and a time period in which I will have a $2500 deductible (really doubt that I will use it), is a top up of both my OTC eye drops as well as additional vitamin D capsules. Stop and Shop had a deal on $1 off but the ad didn't specify the size. Turns out that it was for a single vial box, which, even after the deal, was significantly higher per unit price than the twin pack that I normally buy. I also had 2, $1 off coupons to use. The drops were $19.99 each.

Next, I wished to grab some more vitamin D3 capsules. I only buy Nature Made, based on my pharmacist brother's recommendation. A chronic deficiency means that I take must 4000 units/daily. I am constantly getting my levels tested through blood work, most recent test was this week. I await those results. Recent purchases have been for both 1000 unit capsules as well as the 2000 unit capsules (which I prefer). I was able to grab these final 2 at BOGO. Vitamin D was $21.99 each.

Total was $83.96, - $21.99 BOGO, - $2 for the drop coupons, -$3 for an additional "associate discount" through DS who works at S & S. New total: $56.97. I paid using residual funds in my existing HSA account from my former employer, so no monies out of pocket.

I have met my goal to stock up on known medical needs and to whittle down my HSA account.

Farmer's Market 2017 # 5

Another good week: for $16.50 I got 4 butter/sugar corn, blueberries, 2 HUGE heads of lettuce, radishes, cukes, wax beans.  This is working out very nicely for me.