Monday, July 23, 2018

Not being store loyal saves

 While I typically go to my local Stop & Shop, just minutes from my home, their ads these past few weeks have really had nothing to entice me to spend my grocery dollars there. I wrote down all of the specials at Shoprite, coupled them with some coupons which they double up to $0.99 (meaning a 99 cent coupon=$1.98 while $1 cpn is just worth $1). *click on photo to see the specials, not all of which were purchased (no chicken or bacon). I intentionally grabbed the diced with garlic and herbs Red Pack tomatoes, already a deal at 69 cents for a 29 oz can if I buy 6, using 2 doubled coupons, the price for 4 of them became 19 cents. Averaged together, the tomatoes were 35 cents a can. I like these preseasoned ones for quick marinara type sauces. Herbs and oil already in there. Nice.
 Cheese deals continue: Bordon sliced cheese was on sale @ $1.99 less a doubled, 50 cent coupon, I paid $0.99 for the sliced cheese. I also had a catalina coupon from a prior week's shopping at Shoprite for a free, 8 oz bag of SR shredded cheese. Nice feeebie.
Bonus: more catalina coupons on the way out.

Recent lunches at home

 Marked down, preformed Vidalia onion burger, fzn tater tots, fzn mixed veg
 leftover beef-pinto bean tacos on flour tortillas
 appeared twice this week after "taco Tuesday"
Last preformed Vidalia burger and l/o fzn spinach.

Zero food waste, variety on the menu, using stuff up.

Avoiding any feelings of deprivation

 Thursday, yes, Thursday's morning breakfast: I used the rest of the fresh blueberries and most of a box of just add water, marked down Aunt Jemima pancake mix to make a double batch of blueberry pancakes. One of the reasons beside clearing this mix out of the pantry (soon, still 1 batch's worth left) is to save my eggs as I was running low. With the rest of the batter, I added mini chocolate chips, for choc. chip pancakes, which my kids love. Served them with butter and gifted to use Vermont maple syrup.

I reheated some leftover pork breakfast sausage links and fried off some eggs on the griddle.

Pretty nice for mid week!

Sunday supper: steak

 Sale priced London Broil bought during 4th of July sales, marinated in the remaining half of a mixed up jar of McCormick's " herb vegetable marinade mix" that I bought off of the marked down shelf at 37 cents/pouch. Stretched over 2 meals, it cost me 19 cents/use.

Sunday supper this week: marinated London broil that was seared in a cast iron skillet, baked potatoes with butter, salt and pepper as well as sour cream if desired, butter/sugar COTC. This is our version of steak in our home. I pick up LB when it's $2.50 or less a lb, I can't afford the Tbones, sirloin, ribeye steaks. This works, we get our steak craving satiated, on a budget.

Farmer's Market

If I correctly remembered what I spent, the above represents $20 of mostly organic, local produce: green beans, wax beans, butter/sugar corn, basil, lettuce, 3 large cukes, 3 medium Summer squash, carrots.

Dinner for one: Salmon

Saturday tends to be supper for one, as the kids are out and about. No worries, I try to plan ahead and avoid any temptation to "treat myself" with a take out supper. This week's dinner for one: Mediterranean crusted Salmon fillet (I grab these when they are on sale for $5; 2 fillets per pkg so $2.50 a serving), the rest of some fzn tater tots, frn spinach seasoned with butter, salt/pepper. I've estimated that this was $3. Far cheaper than a take out, quality is superior as well.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Friday recipe review and dinner

 This is the recipe I tried for refried beans.
 Ingredients included home cooked, dried beans vs canned
 Turned out a bit dry so next time, I think adding some of the cooked bean broth is in order (I just added plain water) and the flavor was a bit bland, so I added some reserved bacon fat, which did the trick. I also need to add more salt (always have been very stingy with the salt as a cook, now I am supposed to be, per the MD)

As always, I did a 50-50 mix of the prepared ground meat (beef in this case) and beans to stretch the meat. DD can't eat beans, which is why they are on one side of the skillet.
 Fix your own taco station
DS's plate: a can of Mexicorn completed the meal.