Sunday, February 11, 2018

Recent grocery shopping trips for February

 I first ventured out on Friday, to get some must haves, a few top ups including the following: milk, lactose free milk, 4 dozen eggs on sale (only to discover once home that one of the cartons was XL not the large that are on sale for $2. I had 4, 50 cents off Egglands coupons which would have brought all 4 doz. down to $1/dozen-awesome deal. I decided to return on Sat for a few missed items as well as to exchange the eggs for the size that was on sale), 2 qts of organic yogurt, 1 tub Hood sour cream, qt 1/2 & 1/2, oj, 2 each sliced cheese and shredded on slae, tater tots, 6 cans ck light tuna, GF bread mix, GF pasta, broccoli slaw, bananas. I also chanced upon some great marked downs

2 8 ct pkgs WW sandwich rolls, bread, 2 pkgs break n bake cookies, cream cheese. $57.90

I returned the eggs, and picked up a few things, including this bag of Kicking Horse coffee that Carla in Canada recommended; a few cans of wet cat food for administrating cat meds, lentils. I chanced upon even more marked downs:

A few cans of cat food, 1 box Rice a roni, 2 doz more of large eggs on sale (still $1 out the door after sale plus cpns)4 boxes of granola bars, a pkg of Portugese rolls, 3 pkgs each of vegetable marinade that I intend to use on BSCB that is taking up a lot of real estate in my freezer. This becomes sandwich fillings. I also grabbed some awesome weekly freebies: a 7 oz tub of Arla cream cheese, a 48 oz bottle of organic Almond milk. $29.76

Friday, February 9, 2018

What's been cooking?

 Wednesday's pasta night was farfalle (GF rotini for DD) with homemade marina with browned Italian turkey sausage crumbles (2 links worth), grated Parmesan for those interested and a Winter salad of spinach, Romaine, black olives, sliced pickles, pickled beets (none for DD who can't eat them), served with choice of salad dressings.

Taco Thursday this week took advantage of yet another $1.49 crash n burn box of Old el paso soft/hard taco kit, a tub of fzn l/o Mexican rice, a can of Mexicorn. I used some diced turkey from this past Sunday, a drained and rinsed can of crash n burn pinto beans, chopped Romaine, home shredded Cheddar. I recently came across a recipe where the filled corn shells are baked off for a fast snack/meal and plan on making some soon.  I am pretty sure that they will be a hit with the kids. Here's a link to that recipe: Oven tacos

Addressing the lack of desserts lately

 There simply have been no prepared desserts on hand lately. I do very well without them, DD has a huge sweet tooth, and DS can take it/leave it, although he can sometimes go for a small dessert. He's the one who can use the extra calories. I rummaged through the baking cabinet and came up with this: instant pistachio pudding (great way to use up some older milk) that I didn't realize contains aspertame along with sugar. I am not allowed any artificial sweeteners, per the nephrologist, so good to clear this out. It's Royal brand, BTW.  I have been decanting some into a mini, Tupperware container for DS to take some to school in his lunch.
 I also mixed up a large box of store brand jello that was bought on crash and burn as the store stopped selling the large boxes. I still have several large boxes left. This happens to be raspberry flavor.
 A $1.49 crash n burn Betty Crocker(?) pound cake mix baked off
alongside my last Aldi's box mix of brownies.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Planning ahead: March menus 2018


1-homemade pizza, salad
3-automn harvest carrot butternut soup (new)
4-roast turkey tenderlon (fzn) w/ carrots and parsnips, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (make)
5-Salmon cakes (use canned), oven ffries, corn coleslaw
6-turkey soup
7-rigatoni w/ meat sauce, fzn broccoli floretttes, salad
8-Italian sausage-(fzn) spinach quiche, salad, beets
10-chicken soup
11-meatloaf (fzn meat), scallopped potatoes (mix), fzn mixed veg
12-creamed tuna over brown rice, fzn peas
14-hamburger and macaroni with Italian sausage, salad, (fzn) spinach
15-beef (fzn)-bean tacos, mexican rice (mix), corn
17-corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread (make)
18-corned beef hash, pork beans, coleslaw
19-beer battered catfish nuggets (fzn), oven fries, corn, coleslaw
20-tomato soup
21-spaghetti with (fzn) meatballs, green beans, salad
22-vegetable-beef soup
24-ham-bean soup
25-roast chicken (fzn), stuffing, green beans, make gravy
26-tuna cakes, noodle mix, steamed carrots
27-lentil soup
28-mini wagon wheel pasta with marinara sauce, salad, sauteed chard (buy)
29-chicken-black bean enchilladas (make a creamy sauce), salad
30-fish n chips from local authentic fish/chips shop

Once again, I am relying heavily on what is already on hand. To complete these menus, I only need some fresh chard

Monday, February 5, 2018

Why I LOVE Freecycle

I've acquired some great things off of Freecycle: from the oddball vintage metal clamps for holding aluminum webbed folding chairs's straps on to a zig zag Kenmore all metal sewing machine in cabinet plus a bin full of sewing notions. I happily post and have given away much more over the years, which has kept items out of the waste stream, filled other's wants/needs, helped declutter my home (saving me the trip over to the second hand shop which may/not have convenient hours for me). Pictured is the now empty (and needing a good clean along with the rest of the garage floor come Spring)side of the garage where DD parks her car. Gone to 2 different folks is the salvaged treads, railing, 2 x 4, and other scrap wood that I have no purpose for, having reused what I could in order to get new steps built from the garage to the kitchen entry as well as off of the deck to the yard. Previously, both locations had handicapped access ramps, now long gone. My contractor wanted to toss it into the dumpster but I saved it in order to build the aforementioned steps.
Goals met:
-kept wood out of the waste stream
-reduced my costs to build the steps as I had the wood on hand, even if some had to be cut down
-blessed one woman who will be building some planters, a small deck table and chairs
-blessed one man who will be building more rabbit hutches
-more space in the garage, which is tight even with parking smaller cars in there
-no additional costs to dispose of the wood, which I estimate to only be 5 years old, the age of the deck. I have no way of confirming this, however

Fish on Monday and a new coleslaw recipe

 Frugal February means focusing on what is already on hand. Tonight's menu attests to this. 2 remaining frozen Flounder fillets and 1 remaining frozen Salmon portion are the last of my plain fish fillets. Serving these tonight when I normally would serve all of the same fish. The kids can fight over who gets the Salmon. I will squeeze some fresh lemon on top of each, season the Salmon with dill weed and the Flounder with Fox Point from Penzey's. Basmatti rice, steamed frozen peas and coleslaw round out the dinner plan.
 This is a new recipe we are trying. I substituted organic yogurt, skipped broccoli slaw and used some red and green cabbage that I slivered, the rest of a bit of carrot that I hand grated, used dried Parsley for fresh. I made a half recipe in the process as DD can't eat this.
The prepared slaw. Looks and tastes good. (click on photo to enlarge recipe)

The kids ended up splitting the Salmon in 2, along with the Flounder. Very tasty supper.

Talking turkey and Sunday supper

 Just the 3 of us for Sunday supper but the menu plan went on, regardless. I roasted a 12.42 lb whole turkey that I paid 59(?)/lb back near the holidays. I bought 2, the limit. Roast turkey, home made gravy, French green beans, GF stuffing out of the freezer for DD, and I prepared a batch of stuffing for DS #2 and myself.
 L/O stuffing in the orange topped Pyrex, a prepared lunch for DD, some leftover gravy on top in a plastic tub. I anticipate a hot open sandwich or over stuffing for a lunch this week.
 This is the turkey that I pulled off of the carcass. As I stripped the carcass, the remaining skin and bones along with the rest of the pan drippings, went right into an awaiting crock pot to simmer overnight.
Come morning, I strained off the bones/skin, went through them one more time, gleaning quite a bit of "turkey scraps" as I call them, for this week's upcoming taco night and/or soup making.