Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekly mending

 I love my new laundry machines; here is a load of colored clothes that I laundered and then dried outside on Monday. I also did one load of towels, machine dried. As I fold the dried laundry, I am always on the lookout for any mending that needs done.
 Here's the mending I took care of this morning: a bathtowel with fraying sides, a pair of sleep pants with a split seam, a dish cloth with fraying edges, 2 Damask napkins with frayed areas from the turned down edges that came unstitched. The aforementioned were all repaired on a sewing machine.
  My mending also included hand mending of this napkin, that mysteriously sprung multiple worn areas, almost holes.
 Here it is mended
 I mend on the underside, using as close of a color of thread as possible (I seem to possess every color of the spectrum!)
I have many Vera napkins by designer Vera Neumann.

Much better, thank you

 New landscapper crew came by today; here's the back yard
and the front walkway. So nice that I didn't have to worry about having them weedwack the grass and poisson ivy growing there. They took care of it, were attentive to detail, polite, asked if everything was satisfactory. So far, so good. This company came highly recommended by my plumber.

Grocery shopping for the deals

 I did a quick Aldi's run Sunday morning as I needed hamburger buns and wanted chocolate for S'mores (Dollar Tree sells a bar of chocolate from Poland that is very good but they were out). I grabbed a few extras: fig bars, hazelnut coffee and 2 pks popcorn (cheapest source and they don't always carry it)
 Dollar tree: 24 oz boxes of elbow macaroni (I was almost out) 2 cards, cheese puffs, felt pads for under furniture, Lifesaver gummies, triple antibiotic cream, grahams, pickle relish, apple sauce from Poland, peroxide for laundry, 8 oz tubes Crest Pro health sensitive toothpaste (we were on our last tube and this is normally $$$ at the grocery store), flour tortillas, marshmallows.
 Then heading back home, but first stopping off at the Stop and Shop nearby. With coupons and combining with sale promos I bought: scoops tortillas $1.99, 100 count tea bags $2.49, 2 types of fancier hamburger buns (frozen now) @ $1.89, 10 lbs Russet potatoes, 2 bottles juicy juice @ $2, 1 jar red pepper relish (paid full price for that). Not pictured: Hellmann's mayo @$1.99, 12 coutn  Snapple @ $4.99, 2 pouches Knorr rice mixes @ 49 cents,large can Vallery Fresh chicken breast @ $1,10, can of folgers coffee @$1.99, 15 oz suave body wash @$0.49-I dilute this for hand soap at the sinks.
 Crash n burn, the cereal addition:  normally, Aldi's is my source for cereal. Whenever I am at S & S, I naturally check out the crash n burn section and scored some awesome deals on cereal. Some are discontinued items, so in pristine boxes, while others have boxes that are a bit damaged. Food inside, however, is perfectly fine!
 LOVE these prices, especially for the Kashi.
 This store also marks down dairy items (never have seen milk or cream marked down, however. Perhaps CT has a law against it?). DS was just saying the other day that he'd like lasagna some time soon. I scored 2 large tubs of Polly-O ricotta @ $3.64 and a 24 ct pkg of Kraft singles @ $2,39(great for burgers and grilled cheese) at 50% off. The ricotta was near date, the cheese's outer package was torn then resealed with tape such as from being damaged by a box cutter.
 More crash n burn: Italian vinaigrette with no HFCS-one of the many ingredients we have to avoid for DD. I normally make my own dressings, but at $1.24 for a large bottle, this was a good deal. I also got apricots @ 79 cents, cannellini beans 69 cents, 3 cans of prepared pasta @ $49 (great for a quick meal when we come in, have to eat and then turn right around and leave again aka an emergency lunch), large can of diced tomatoes @ 49 cents, can of tomato sauce @ 19 cents, box of cocoa packets @ 79 cents.
 More sales plus coupon deals: onion dip (out the door @ 49 cents), yogurt $2.99, sour cream $1.74, lemonade, probiotic juice (even after sale plus cpn, it was pricey. I called this a treat)
A small pkg of kielbasa (store loss leader cpn) @ $1.99, 2 pkgs marked down Italian chicken sausage.  I spent $72.12, which included $4.21 off as well for Ds's "employee discount."

Farmer's Market 2017

 I popped over to the new location of the Farmer's market this past Saturday. I was a bit delayed as my car was blocked in the driveway but I still got there by 10:30 for the ribbon cutting. With free parking at the parking garage down the street, and the street between the garage and city green where the market now is held being block from car traffic, it was very, very convenient as a patron! I bought all of the lovelies above: Rainbow chard, radishes, green and red cabbage, chives, Summer squash, purple cauliflower, beets with the greens, a head of lettuce. Much of the produce is organic. Many merchants had sold out of items, but I still was able to find much of what I was looking for. I didn't keep a tally, but spend about $20 +/-.

The bus company was even there and I got these freebies: a nice fat pen (great with my hands), and a water bottle with sports drink spout. Nice.

Whats been cooking?

 This past Tues, I made ground chicken breast burgers adding some chopped spinach and shredded carrot to the mix. Fzn mixed veggies and oven fries completed the meal.

Wed and Thurs were leftover nights.
 Fri was pan fried hotdogs and toasted buns, 2 versions (one GF for DD) of macaroni salad, and pork beans for 2 of us.

Sat was leftover night again. See separate post on Sunday.
 Yesterday (Monday) was 2 versions of tuna pasta salad (served cold) with celery, minced onion, celery, chopped chive, dill, black pepper, mayo, albacore tuna and cooked pasta.

 Sliced tomatoes topped with 2 kinds of chiffonades of basil and drizzled with some Italian vinaigretts
Steamed summer squash seasoned with dill, salt, pepper and a touch of butter-yummy! I bought it at the Farmer's market on Saturday.

Sunday supper: A birthday celebration

 Sunday was the day that was chosen to celebrate the twin's birthday this year. I planned a simple cookout, which worked out well. Hamburger/cheeseburgers and grilled hotdogs, tossed salad with choice of dressing and a Crockpot of calico beans, taking advantage of some recently acquired crash n burn canned beans, a 28 oz can of Hanover baked beans from Dollar Tree and some off cuts of uncured bacon pieces from Trader Joe's. Yummy!
A quick Aldi's stop earlier and I grabbed come hamburger buns, the hotdog buns were also crash n burn, stored in the freezer.

The hotdogs were sale priced finds from my freezer, along with marked down pkg of ground beef, from which I made the 6 burgers.

Assorted drinks were available to choose from and 2 cakes (smaller) from Whole Foods that DD had offered up as her gifts to the boys. I gave each of them a check, it's cash that they want at this point in life. : )

Sunday, June 25, 2017

An odd check

I received this yesterday. My initial reaction was that it was a refund from paint . . I was wrong. Instead, it was a check from Wells Fargo in CA, with my former landlord's name and address on it, in the amount of one month's rent. No letter, no memo was enclosed.

I reached out to the LL, first emailing and then following up with a text to "please see email sent."  I stated the above and added that my security deposit was for 2 month's rent, please advise.

She promptly responded that a second check in the amount of $X (just $5 off-an error I believe) was to be sent.

CT state laws stipulates that tenant security deposits are to be held in escrow in a CT bank and earn interest (paltry to be sure). Should any deductions be made by the LL, they are to be outlined in writing to the tenant and all monies to be returned within 30 days of the tenant vacating the property.

I followed the lease to a T. Her reply makes me believe (outside the $5 suspected clerical error) that the full security deposit is going to be returned.

Bottom line for me is that I get my monies back. I have them earmarked to pay off the GC once he's done with finish work and to get a water treatment system installed.

Anyone have experience with this kind of a check? I suspect it came from a CC, if that is possible,