Sunday, October 4, 2015

Coffee pot update

Works very well, thank you to whomever left it behind in the freebie shed. Took 4 minutes to brew vs more like 10 with the stove top model I've been using (keeping that for power outages). Less electric, faster in the morning when I am leaving for work= double win!

Saturday shopping

 Stopped in at Dollar Tree for the following: ginger snaps, a back brush for the shower, caramels, trail mix to keep at work (I refuse to use the vending machines so I keep a stash at work), more 10 ct bonus boxes of oatmeal packets. Additional items (not pictured): 1 bottle Pepsi, 2 each B Crocker au gratin and cheesy scalloped potato mixes (bonus 6 serving sizes), 2 20 oz bafs faz tater tots and 2 24 oz fzn hash browns, Spent $21.05.
 From the butcher's: 1/2 lb Boar's Head deli turkey breast, grnd beef
 georgeous, apple stuffed pork chops (Sunday supper this week)
 huge short ribs (Mon supper). The quality I've been buying makes e very happy.
 Aldi's for some topping up and I grabbed these microwave safe, lidded bowls w/ handles for toting l/o to work. One for me, one for DD. I've been tossing quite a bit of worn out tubs that I had been using for this purpose. Like that these are deemed "safe."
A real treat for Sunday: fresh, homemade style donuts from a new, family run donut shop in town. Pricey, but the quality surpasses even Dunkin Donuts.

What's been cooking?

 Sunday supper: pot raost with gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower and carrots
 Monday planned overs: beef stroganoff
 Tuesday (new recipe): Spanish rice (needs more salt, pepper, chilli powder but I'll call this a keeper)

Wed was leftovers for one-kids w/ Dad
 Thurs: spaghetti with sweet Italian sausage crumbles, green beans, green salad (not pictured)
 Friday night take out: Pepperoni/onion/mushroom pizza
 "special" pizza
a tossed salad

Saturday: l/o pizza for 2

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Things just come to me

A bit fuzzy, but this is what came home with me from the freebie shed at the transfer station (aka dump): 2 mini Yankee Candles: one is Massachusetts Cape Cod Chatham lighthouse scent, the other is called Wedding Day; a large soup/coffee mug (Dd broke my old one), and a real find from my "list": a Farberware 4 cup coffee percolator. No cord, but I have an old one that I actally use for a waffle iron. Ran it with water, seems to work fine. I've washed it, will try it with coffee in the morning.

On SALE, these go for $50, I much prefer free.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Talking eggs

 Eggs were $2.89/doz large @ Aldi's yesterday. I didn't buy them as I first wanted to check Dollar Tree, who very infrequently have sold them since the US egg shortage started. My last purchase of eggs @ DT were for 6 counts. While they DID have some (these are med sized), they are remain back to 6 count cartons, having switched back from 8 count within the past month. A no go.

Instead, I bought the above large eggs, limit 2, @ CVS of all places, on sale for $2.

This morning, I grabbed 2 doz organic, free range eggs directly from my farmer friends. These are more like jumbos  in size.


This morning's CVS haul:
50 oz Tide reg $9.50, sale @ $5.94 - $2 cpn =$3.94
2 bottles Suave lotion we prefer reg $3.59 each  sale: BOGO 50% off = $2.69 each
2 bottles Suave body awsh (I use thinned down as liquid hand soap) reg $2.87, sale @ $2 x 2=$4 - $3 cpn = 50 cents each
jar Helllmann's mayo reg $5.49 sale $3 - 50 cents= $2.50
2 bottles Suave conditioner reg $3.99 sale BOGO 50%= $ 5.98/2 - $3.99 BOGO free cpn =$1.99/2 or $1 each

I also earned $4 in rewards that I have earmarked for another purchase

$15.59 spent

Shopping at the Butcher's

 Shopped at the Buther's on Saturday: 1 lb grnd beef, 1 link sweet Ital sausage (I have lots already on hand in the freezer, want to try theirs, which is made in house). beef bones. The quality of what I am buying makes me very happy.
 I returned this morning to pick up a 4 lb chuck roast that I ordered, alas, their delivery didn't come yesterday (spoke with owner, he'll look into  that tomorrow but was very appologetic). I took 2 small roasts instead.
 CP pot roast using golden mushroom soup, a pouch of onion soup mix, black pepper and an 8 oz pkg of mushrooms that needed cooking. Mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and cauliflower will complete the meal, along with the gravy that will make itself in the CP.
 I oven roasted the bones for an hour before covering with water and simmering to release all the marrow.
 Fridge cleanout today unearthed some waste but considering how ill I was for 72 hours, I'll let it go. It'll be composted. I grabbed additional ingredients that need to be usedup: organic spinach, low salt "V8" juice, cooked carrots, cooked organic Butternut, a soft organic tomato, some long in the tooth organic cherry tomatoes, 1/2 of an organic red onion
the old chive from this week's organic CSA will complete the "onion requirements" and I am certain that I'll be adding even more ingredients to finish off this soup for the upcoming work week.

Here's the finished soup:

I added about 5 outer leaves from a head of cabbage (slivered), parsley, Ital seasoning, black pepper, salt in the form of Goya beef bouillon powder, 1 cup anci di pepi pearl pasta (making concerted efforts to use up all of my msc soup pasta prior to next Summer's move), the tender leaves from a head of caulifler, 2 stalks celery that I sliced, 3 Russet potatoes that I cubed