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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday shopping


Once again, up @ 4:40 a.m. today, but got an early jump on my day as a result. Several errands to run. First stop: Home Depot, with a10% off Lowe's coupon in hand. I checked on line, got the code number for the old (current) refrigerator water filter cartridge and confirmed which of the new compny (Every drop) is needed. Comfirmed that my local HD had them in stock, then headed over. Previously, I paid $49.99 at the discount appliance store (I had called them yesterday, they no longer carry the current filter I have, They suggested I try Whirlpool on line, which is how I learned that Every drop is now the filter company). HD sells the filters @$49.99 but I bought 2, saving roughly $5/filter. These are changed every 6 months, so I may not need to get one next Summer before we move. Done.


I scoured the ad yesterday and did a coupon box clean out (seriously thinking of moving to a small pouch system as there are so few cpns that I use, my 3 x 5 card file holder (a GW find years ago)is overkill. I don't even sort them anymore. Here's what I got: 1 Tropicana dairy oj (cpn), 2 yoplait plentiful yogurts (crash n burn), 2 ea: fzn peas & fzn mixed veg, 2 32 oz bpttles Snuggle liquid (cpn), 2 Purex detergent (cpn), 1 Palmolive dish soap (cpn), 2 Ronzoni garden pasta (cpn), 1 Barilla pasta (cpn), 1 Jif p butter (cpn), 2 Suave body wash (bogo cpn), 1 Softsoap body wash (cpn), 2 ladies shave gel (cpns), 2 men's deod. (bogo cpn), butt ham @ 99/lb (manager's special for freezer!), 1 pkg marked down grnd sirloin @$3.99/lb (that's what I am paying for 85% fzn tubes at Aldi), 1 pkg thick center cut pork chops for freezer on sale @$1.99/lb, 1 aseptic box almond milk (cpn), 6 fresh peaches @79/lb (cpn deal), 1 pkg Kayen NE hotdog buns (cpn). $46.68 out the door!


I combined multiple incentives @ CVS: 25% off voucher on total order, 30% off on personal care items, bogo offers, many manufacturer's cpns, buy 1 get 2nd 50% off promos, CVS printed out cpns, save $5 off $15 order-unbelievable but it worked! Here's what I got: 2 bags m & m peanut, 1 softsoap pump soap, 1 Irish spring men's body wash, 1 3 ct pkg Irish spring signature men's bar soap (other customer cleared the remaining 4 bodywashes as I got there), 1 tub Stridex, 1 tub CVS stridex to try, 1 lg bottle Tresemme shampoo, gallon milk, 2 Caress body wash for dd, 2 Dove men's bar soap, 2 Dove ladies bar soap, 2 Secret deod for dd, 2 lg bottles Suave shampoo, 1 pair toe nail clippers, 6 tubes Crest. Unbelieveable what the "normal" costs are! I miss Xpect discounts . . but I paid $72.39 for the above. Yes, a serious chunk of change, but we're set for a while. I also came home with $6 in rewards bucks. : )

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Summer of just getting it done


I am a list person, with this Summer finding me with a legal pad of things to address. On the medical front, I have been very proactive and addressing concerns both for myself as well as the kids. I am decluttering, selling what I can in the process. I have filled some needs as well as some wants. My body must know that I only have 3 weeks let as the past few mornings have me waking up at 4:40 a.m.-teacher's hours! So up early it was: laundry done, dish washer emptied, bfst made. I also managed to do the following:

-clear the sink drain (again!) in the Master bathroom. Since tackling it months ago, I thought I was being extra careful about hair going down it, yet that is exactly what was slowing it down again. Luckily, I was able to snake it myself
-called the hospital to speak with the next supervisor above the head of the last one I had worked with. Bottom line: their billing is loaded with errors, I've been trying to resolve multiple issues that stem as far back as April 2014 (not a typo!). I'm sceptical, but this newest supervisor (like those before her) assures me that she will fix this. Meanwhile, my accounts are frozen at the credit company they had sent me to. @@
-called the appliance store to make sure that they have the water filter I need again for the fridge. Sadly, they no longer carry it. Looks like Lowe's does (and on line price was significantly beter than what I previously paid)and I have a 10% off coupon. Lowe's is on the Sat errand list
-called to make sure that some medical records were transferred to the local hospital, where all of my MDs are affiliated and can access my test results, etc as I have yet another diagnostic test this upcoming week (mammograms)and last year's records are essential
-completed my questions list for my 2 upcoming MD appointments as well for next week
-called the rug cleaning service and arranged for pick up, small repair, cleaning of 5 area rugs. Pricey but a necessary evil. I maintain what I have and I want a clean home. In particular, I noted multiple dirty areas on thecream and beige dining room rug as well as the den rug. It's time.
-paid a medical bill over the phone, saved postage as a result
-contacted my firewood supplier, and am in the process of getting a cord delivered and stacked
-left a message with my chimney sweep, and await his call this evening (that's usually when he calls) to get the wood stove/chimney cleaned for the upcoming season
-made some follow up calls re sped kid.
-made appointment to have my windshield relaced (thanks pot hole!) next week, using an on-line promo code which covered most of the charge to have them come to me vs me going to a shop

All in all, a productive day!

A lunch treat

 After dropping one kidlet off at work, I swung by the new to us pizzeria on the way back home( and ordered some take out grinders, noting that they use Cassonne bread/rolls. 10 minutes later, my order was ready. I got 2 meatball subs (one w/ cheese) and a chicken Parmesan sub. We split these so we could all sample them Very good! I'd order from there again.

My heavy cream froze . .

with soaring heat, humidity the past several days, the house has been closed up with 4 window A/C units running on the second floor. Still, the refrigerator was running in overtime and 2 pints of heavy cream were frozen. I thawed them, but alas, the cream could no longer whip into whipping cream.

Instead, the liquid separated from the fat, so I drained it off, and then continued whipping what remained. Instead of chucking this out, I "made" buttermilk and solid, unsweetened butter.What you see in the photo is what was produced from a single pint. I repeated the process, ending up with 2 cups of buttermilk and 2 mugs of butter.

So naturally, this morning found me making a triple batch of homemade, buttermilk pancakes with intentional planned overs, also using up an additional pint of buttermilk that had previously been purchased.

Coupons keep coming my way

 Just received this 25% off voucher from CVS, and right in time as I plan on buying some things there this weekend. I also received a $5 coupon off of $15 purchase, which I downloaded to my rewards card. Nice!
Yesterday's mail also brought me a new coupon from Penzeys, this time for pepper. I noted that a minimum purchase is now required, something I do normally anyway. I return to work in 3 weeks, and will again be close to Penzeys, planning on taking advantage of that freebie pepper. Meanwhile, I will check my spices to see what needs replenishing.

(mostly) vegetarian Thursday

 About every 2 weeks, I buy free range, organic eggs directly from a farmer friend. Last night's supper took advantage of this quality protein.
 I first made a salad of mixed, organic baby salad greens; organic arugula, chic peas, black olives, organic cucumber. Since I prepped it early in the day,
 I didn't add any tomato until serving time. Assorted dressings to choose from.
 An intentionally purchased convenience item, canned diced potatoes was called to service,
 along with some organic scallions, to make a batch of home fried potatoes, using saved bacon fat, salt, pepper, Paprika. I also steamed a blend of 3 different types of beans.
 For omelette fillings, I used up some Deli ham that needed to go, l/o cooked organicSummer and Zuke w/ organic purple pepper and organic scallions, some l/o shredded Cheddar plus I shredded some more from a block, from which I trimmed off a moldy bit. Quiche planned for next week, the rest will go then. I also diced a l/o, sliced tomato=a true fridge clean out.  These were very fritatta like, but delicious all the same.
I finally made the chocolate pudding pie, been a very, very long time since I made one!

Tried a new place

With strong thoughts of moving to the city North of here next Summer, we've gotten some recommendations for local restaurants to try. First up: augy's pizza

We very much enjoyed this generously topped pizza which actually came to be a bit cheaper than our beloved, local, Greek pizzeria. We will be back, and are contemplating celebrating an upcoming birthday there.