Sunday, August 23, 2015

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MY back to school shopping 2015

Now THIS is an exciting post!


My back to school shopping is limited this year to replacing my bras. Being well endowed, I need "good bras" which can get pricey. I wait the sales.

Normal price: $36
Sale price: $24.99
Promo code: saved $10
Promo code: saved $13.50
Store credit: $26.96

4 new bras shipping to my home: $54.35.


 Simple Sunday here today. More freezer and pantry reduction: brunch was oj, coffee, corned beef hash, fried eggs, toast. I am thinking just a cup of yogurt this afternoon.
Sunday supper: BSCB will be marinated and grilled/broiled, garlic seasoned Farfalle, salad of some sort, veggie to be determined.

It had been a while

 Soap slivers had been collecting in the designated baggie under the powder room sink. Time to chop them up, microwave and stir in 30 second increments.
 The soap mixture was then pressed into an awaiting Tupperware container that I use as a soap form
After placing it in the fridge to resolodify faster, I ran a knife anong the edges and tapped the new soao out. It is now at my bathroom sink. Waste not, want not or today's freebie.

Making bread

 The oppressive heat and humidity finally moved out yesterday, so A/C off, windows open and time to use the oven, baking 2 loaves of bread. One ABM's heating element is definately broken. I can still use it to make dough, but then when it's supposed to be rising, I remove that bread bucket, set it atop the bread bucket of the good ABM, cover that with a towel and let the 2 rise. I transfer the dough to awaiting bread pans, let rise again in a warm oven, before baking off. It worked. Loaf on the right is from the broken ABM.
 I read that placing a loaf of bread in a paper bag for freezing will avoid soggy bread as it thaws. With heat and humidity to return, pls having 2 store bought loaves on hand, with no preservatives in my bread, I knew that this was planning ahead bread.
After popping the bread in repurposed flour bags (on hand for draining fried foods), I then wrapped it in a saved bread baggie.

What's been cooking?

 Friday night was franks and beans night
 Saturday morning had me up early, preparing supper ahead of tome:  an Italian inspired, pasta salad. Cucumber spears served alongside.
Great fix it and forget it meal, providing lunch leftovers for the first few days of the upcoming week, where I will be at work, the kids still home

Summer lunches this week

Besides the usual option of leftovers, if available, with the heat we had, sandwiches were often the choice:

 A final round of BLT's using the extra bacon from Sunday-a real treat as bacon is "on sale" @ $5.99/lb this week. We won't be eating much bacon anytime soon.
 More Fluffernutters
I picked up some Deli turkey, Kaiser rolls and this French, herbed cheese at Aldi's. Yummy!