Saturday, April 30, 2016

Getting ready for the move

I continue to sell things we no longer want/will be able to use at the condo. This means frequent stops at the bank for deposits. I've gone twice this past week! I rarely go to the bank as my pay is on automatic deposit, I pay for usual expenses (gas, groceries, etc) with debit/credit.

I connected with my current LL re: ending my lease one month early. We are working together to re-rent (is that the term?) for July 1. If done, she will drop my  obligation to pay July's rent and to continue with lawn cutting for July. (which is the law anyway) I've again turned to social media, have found 2 interested parties. One is coming today to tour the home.

Meanwhile, I am looking to engage the services of a handman to remove picture hooks etc, fill nail holes. With my OT issues, it's simpky not happening. My fairly new to me, local HM isn't responding to my PM's or voice mails. I will move on to someone else. I will get the chimney swept as well.

I continue to declutter, am planning a trip to GW drop off not far from here, today.

What's been cooking?

A crazy week around here, just plain BUSY! Toss in a house guest last weekend, and again this weekend, I focus on just getting what I need to done for the day.

Meals have been pushed around, substitutions called in as needed. Mon's Salmon was moved to Tues as a last minute request meant dinner for one, not 4 as originally planned, with fish thawing in the fridge. I ended up poaching it, planning on making Salmon cakes with the flaked fish. Tues's pork burgers experiment was scrapped as the meat smelled "off" once the package was opened. Sloppy joes, oven fries (homemade) and fzn veggies were called into play. Wed was dinner for one, leftover night, I  think* I had a sloppy joe). Thursday:

franks (previously frozen) were served on buns (previously frozen) with choice of assorted condiments. Frozen, homemade baked beans accompanied.

Friday, a guest arrived for the weekend, I bought pizza. Salmon cakes and beans are on the menu tonght for whomever wishes to partake.  Guest isn't a fish fan, so leftover pizza was suggested.

Every few days, I have been making a fresh pot of plain, herbal tea, we are using what we have, avoiding sugar (if I was offering generic "Koolaid").  Stores on hand are depeating, we march towards our moving date and goals.

This week's freebies

Another workshop this week translated into a free bottle of water and a request to please take leftover cookies home; naturally, I obliged. I don't think the twins found them as they remain in the Dining room.

One of the niceties of writing Senior college recommendations is to receive a note from the student, once they have been accepted. While not expected, a token gift often accompanies. One of my students gifted me a bag filled with delicious treats: a chocolate balsamic vinegar, a jar of raspberry chocolate jam, a bar of chocolate. Lovely!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Recipe suggestions?


I am reviewing my dinner menus for this upcoming week, noting that I have planned on making some  sort of ground pork burger. I figured that I'll make them as I do my ground poultry/flaked fish burgers, adjusting seasonings accordingly, offering up some BBQ sauce I think. Any suggestions on how to prepare these? I know that I will use egg, grated carrot, bread crumbs, spices.  TIA


Just sold the Den couch, netting an additional $200. Nice! One more sale with in the hour, then I am off to the bank with this week's proceeds towards moving.

Sunday supper: the last turkey breast

This week's Sunday supper features the last of my frozen turkey breasts. Planned overs: 1/2 of the turkey will be frozen for future lunches, a turkey salad will be prepared for sandwiches this week, the l/o beans will join a 3 bean salad for later in the week, broth will be frozen.

It's another Crock Pot Sunday, as last week was. Frees up my time, helps me to save electricity. Win-win situation. I simply seasoned it with some homemade "Mrs Dash"-salt free of course. : )

 At the last minute, I decided to make this pouch of instant potatoes, feeling that we didn't have enough carbs for the teen boys. Ended up a wise decision. : )
 I used up the dregs of a bag of traditional stuffing, blending in some other traditional Bell's stuffing.

A dinner plate.

 Like the space physically opening up within the house proper aka as regards furnishings, there is definite space or reduction in the food storage department. This visually reminds me of how far I've progressed in meeting my current, short term goals:

-raise cash for moving expenses
-pay off medical debt, by allocating 1/2 of my grocery funds to expenses
-eliminate higher salt food items
-reduce/eliminate pantry foods on hand
-reduce/eliminate frozen foods on hand

I estimate that we will be here 7 more weeks, before moving into the condo. In the meanwhile, we will continue to eat down what remains on hand, as possible. I have a quick stop at Aldi's planned for today, with a very short list.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A sign of things around here

 Emptying rooms of possessions we won't be moving with us. DS #2's room is pretty spartan as a result: bed, night table, trash can, dresser. It echos.
 Really making an effort to unload the big items, such as my firewood, now sold as of this morning. Unloading the larger items is a real stress reducer, I am finding.
End result: raising some serious cash, and making weekly deposits over at the bank. I even have a "Bank" envelope to corral my money.