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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Medical update

 Returned to my orthopedicc suregeon yesterday, my purple cast removed and being super careful, I immediately drove myself over to the hospital rehab center to have my OT make a custom Spica brace. So nice to be able to gingerly wash my hand, which remains orange from the surgery.
The Spica is removeable for showering, otherwise, it is to be worn 24/7 to ensure that my thumb stays in position and fuses properly. Meanwhile, I am to work at getting my IP (upper thumb joint closest to the nail) to  move again, gently coaxing it multiple times/day. I won't start formal OT therapy until 6 weeks post-op, which is Aug 19th. I return to teh MD on Sept (he's on vacation 8/19-9/7) Should a problem arrise, however, there are other hand specialists in the practice.

Meals were simple Wed: usual bfst choices, lunch leftovers, and dinner for just DD and I:

Planned ahead, precooked, organic CSA potatoes joined some BSCB that I marinated in DT Ital dressing, steamed, organic CSA green beans. Perfect. Leftover, aka planend over green beans and BSCB will appear at lunch today, on top of salads.

On the car front, the check finally came in the mail for DD's totaled car. She put down $500 on another up in Manchester, now we have to make arrangements to deposit the check, get another made out to the car dealership, and schedule pick up. I am thinking Mon morning.

Last night,we had some terrific thunderstorms blow through around 9 p.m., the time I am getting ready for bed. I ended up watching a tv show with DD, staying up until about 10:30. When I turned in (DD stayed to finish the show), DD brought my cell phone to my night table, and I noted a voice mail message, sent @ 8:50 p.m. that apparently, I didn't hear go off. The message was. " Hi Carol, this is XX, your neightbor from down teh street on X road. I am a realtor with XX. I have a family who are on vacation in VT, leaving tonight to come to X town, breaking their vacation early to come see some rentals here. They are desperate to find a rental in X town, so that their child can attend the schools here. I am estimating that we'd be at your place tomorrow, Thurs between 3:30 and 4 p.m. I am calling to confirm this appointment. Please contact me . . etc." 

I was miffed. Really? an 8:49 p.m. call is OK? also, I specified with the realtor who represents the LL (same realty firm as this realtor)that I'd need 24 hours notice, minimally, for a confirmed appointment. 

So, this morning at 5:50 a.m., I texted the realtor, as she requested, advising her that while today won't work, tomorrow between 11:30-2:30 or 3:30-4:30 was ok, please confirm and advise, 

We ARE still living here, after all. I'm not trying to be difficult-but am I being overly sensitive to this? 

I need my coffee! Lots more packing to do, I need to make several business calls today, most associated with the impending move. I await a confirmation call from this LL's plumber about coming out today (have waited 1 week) to address 3 dripping faucets, 1 shower that drips heavily, non stop, like it can't be shut off. @@ we are on a well/septic. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August 2014 menus


Normally done by the 15th for the upcoming month, I am a week late this time around. With input from my family, after seeing what is on hand, here are the dinner menus for August. Note that the youngest will be with me the first 3 solid weeks in the month, with no visitation (my exclussive time) so meals are planned for Wed and Fri. Since DS #1 and Gf are joing the family unit, I will continue to plan for meals for 4 on both Wed/Fri moving forward. I anticipate moving some of these days around, due to diet restrictions prior to medical testing, but this gives me a strong idea of what will be on our dinner plates, as well as some items to list on the grocery pad

*CSA continues thru Thanksgiving, so vegetables are TBD, as is salad fixings

1-moving day: order out pizza, purchase sodas ahead
2-sandwiches (may* purchase coldcuts as well)
3-roast whole chicken 9fzn), mashed potatoe
4-broiled salmon fillets(fzn), rice
5-ground turkey (fzn)-dried pinto CP chilli, homemade corn bread
6-ground turkey (fzn) sloppy joes
7-CP chicken cacciatore, rice
8-planned over: cacciatore sauve over pasta
10-marinated London broil (fzn), roast potatoe
11-horseradish encrusted Swai, rice
12-CP beef (fzn) spaghetti sauce over spaghetti
13-birthday celebration: TBD
14-ground turkey (fzn)-dried pintos tacos, corn
15-homemade pizza
17-CP Swiss steak (fzn meat), egg noodles
18-tuna casserole
19-CP stuffed peppers (use fzn beef)
20-ground chicken (fzn) burgers
21-roast chicken drums (fzn), buttered noodles
22-marinated BSCB over salad
24-pork chop(fzn) bake, apple sauce
25-salmon burgers (use canned) on rolls
26-CP calico beans with Kielbasa (fzn) sliced in, coleslaw
27-marinated pork tenderloin (fzn), potatoes
28-black bean burgers
29-lazy golumbki casserole
31-meatloaf (use fzn beef), mashed potatoes

Keeping cool

 Breakfast this morning incorporated the l/o sauteed squash from last night-omelettes!
 Ham, zuke, Summer squash, onion, peppers, Cheddar, Ham omelettes. Coffee/tea, toast served.

Lunch was mini Farfalle (a c& b deal) in a quick marinara I made. Freshly greated parmesan on top. I cooked all of it, on purpose.
The leftover marinara was frozen, the precooked pasta refrigerated until before supper, when I created this pasta salad: mini Farfaalle, organic vegetables: scallions, cuke, cherry tomato, basil;  black olives tossed in a homemade Italian vinaigrette. Delicious on a humid and hot night! Planned over, cold roasted ck drums, iced herba tea rounded out the meal. Pound cake, defrosted frozen mixed berries and the rest of the heavy cream, whipped and sweetened.

The grocery list grows, more and more space opening in our food storage. It's all good.

Realtor for this rental came by (had an appointment) to take more photos for the web posting. As I had warned her, we are actively engaged in getting this place packed up, ready to go, it is NOT staged. She saw, stated that she'll come back after we move out. @@ Told ya!

Mover came and made a list of what I anticipate having his firm move for me. I should receive a quote tomorrow. Date of Aug 1 is still a go, would be confirmed when I get the quote.

Managed to do 3 loads of wash (DS and GF had things to be washed before storing away). Medical appointments took me out late afternoon, stopping to fuel up before coming home. $29 in gas but there has been lots of running around.

Cooking for a purpose, planning ahead

Cooler temps yesterday had me and DD planning ahead.  Usual offerings for bfst,
 and more pantry/freezer clearout for lunch: a box mix of mac n cheese (sale/cpn deal), canned green beans, hickory sausages 9sale/cpn deal) served in buns. Not gourmet, it worked.
 Monday's supper was planning ahead as well: 2 meals' worth of chicken drums were slow roasted in the oven
 fresh from the farm, red bliss potatoes (extra cooked for Wed)
 sauteed squash: zuke and summer squash from the farm, Ital herbs, fzn peppers/onions
 My dinner plate
 Besides a loaf of bread, not pictured), since the oven was on, we mixed up a box of brownies,
 and a batch of Magic cookie bars, using up the rest of my mini chocolate chips, some raspberry chocolate chips that remained in my baking cabinet. Good to use those up!
 A mix for pound cake was also baked off. Another good week at the CSA: blueberries, Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red bliss potatoes, cuke, garlic, green beans, Thai basil

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday supper: the clean out continues

 Tonight's Sunday supper gets several things out of the freezer, and the fridge. My last package of turkey breast cutlets were turned into turkey roulades, thanks to a small container of frozen stuffing. I seasoned the roulades with salt, pepper, onion herb seasoning, paprika
 I baked them off for 25 minutes to help them to take shape and get some color
 meanwhile, a container of turkey gravy and a smaller container of mushroom gravy (leftover from a pork chop dinner) were combined and heated through
 This gravy was added to the roulades before covering them with foil and returning the pan  to the toaster oven
 Sides? leftover broccoli and cauliflower were moved to one side in their dish, leaving space for a bit of leftover corn. This will be reheated in the microwave
Can't peel spuds at the moment, but I can mix up a batch of instant potatoes, seasoning them with soft margarine (out of stick margarine, have only 2 sticks buttter left),salt, pepper, onion powder and using some aeseptic box milk. Amongst other staples, we are out of milk, so I've turned to my emergency shelf milk. Best to use this now, rather than have to move it.

My supper:

A soap experiment, tweaking what I normally do

 I have previously shared how I deal with soap slivers:  Part of my incentive is that while I left one extra bar of soap out for the kids, I forgot to leave one of mine (all packed for the move)and my current bar was down to just more than a sliver. I anticipate taking 12 more showers here before our move (in high temps, I will shower more frequently). Do I open the box of HBA supplies? do I try to make do?

I recently watched a You tube video about someone who uses the microwave to repurpose her soap slivers into a "new" bar.  I figured that I'd give it a try as I am still significantly restricted due to my casted hand. I cut up the pieces and placed them in a glass measureing cup. I microwaved them for 30 seconds at a time, stirring with a wooden tongue depressor in between. I used approx 2 minutes of time.

I dumped out the thick concoction into an awaiting, mini Tupperware container

I used teh aformentioned tongue depressor to pat down the cooling mixture and tried to smooth it out. It is now cooling off/hardening in the fridge (to hasten to process-the video person just set it out for 30 minutes) before I attempt to unmould it.

Stay tuned.

Update: Here's the hardened, cooled down soap cake. I much prefer this method, initially due to my OT issues, but also because, like in this afternoon's case, I mixed different colors of soaps together in order to create this new one. English lavender soap, Dial soap as well as soap that originally was in shapes (bunnies, sea shells) became a nice, thick, circular cake for me to use the next 12 days.

Sunday breakfast

 I have a source for organic, free range eggs @ $4/dozen but I tend to save these farm eggs for when I serve eggs, otherwise turning to the $1/8 ct pkg for medium eggs at DT to use in cooking/baking. Today's bfst included scrambled, farm eggs.
 Wishing to use up pantry items, I made a batch of home fried potatoes, using canned whole potatoes along with bacon fat, organic scallions, salt, pepper, paprika.
I cooked up my last lb pkg of bacon, which has been ridiculously priced for about a year now. Here's my bfst plate. OJ/Coffee served as well.