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Sunday, April 19, 2015

This weekend's freebies

Grabbed the vase while I was at the transfer station yesterday, picked the flowers from the yard today.

Sunday eats

Breakfast or for many here, brunch, was a fix it yourself affair.  I had fried Spam, scrambled eggs, tater tots, Rye toast, grapefruit juice, and my Sunday morning ritual treat:  Hazelnut coffee.

 A light, mid afternoon lunch allowed me to cull 3 cans of soup out of the pantry: cream of tomato rice soup, served with crackers.
 Sunday supper once again finds pork on the menu, since that is what was on hand, that is what we're having. I will have help making my pork chop stuffing bake dish.
French green beans and home made apple sauce complete the menu.

Simple Saturday

A bit blurry, but this was Saturday supper: egg and olive sandwiches with option of assorted veggies from earlier in the week, that I mixed together.  DD took DS to his lesson and afterwards, they went to Aldi's for me.  Out of desperation, I drove a month's worth or recycling over to the transfer station, to return for a second trip to bring a month's worth of actual trash. I was scheduled to bring 2 week's worth the day after I got hurt, which is how we accumulated so much. $7 for 6 bags of trash/6 people or 35 lbs of trash is awesome! Consider that the average American creates 4.3 lbs waste/day:

Another DS helped fold 3 baskets worth of dried laundry and to hang sheets on the clothesline. I was able to place the rest on clothes horses, now placed on the enclosed sun porch. More sheets were washed last night, I'll need those hung out today as well.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Transitioning back to work


Monday past was my first day back-a long, painful, tiring one,  I left immediately at the end of the day, to reurn to my recliner, with Advil and ice packs and sleep for several hours. I anticipated this and luckily, each day has been a bit better.

While recovering, we've had some anticipated inreases in bills:
-more electric due to dryer use
-possible increase in grocery bills as things like bread are purchased vs making at home

I am now in PT and have run out of plan benefit so while I will continue to get the in plan discounted rate, this is a pricey expense tat is not a want but rather a need to ensure the best outcome. Emergency funds will be used.

I require significant help with ADL's, and as  a highly independant person, this is difficult.  I continue to folloe MD's orders, and am not using my left arm.  I am classified as on sedentary duty at work.

What's been cooking?

 Fish on Monday: frozen Tilapia fillets were drizzled with lemon juice, seasoned with a Penzey's spice seasoning, covered in Panko and dotted with butter before baking off
 2 pkgs of multi colored, frozen fingerlings in olive oil with Rosemary and garlic
 A microwave cooked bag of broccoli florettes rounded out the meal

Since the oven was on, we baked a pan of brownies
 Tuesday: stuffed pepper cups. We didn't have enough the lat time I made these, so I made a tray full, usinf the pepper cups I prepared last Summer. I use them as still frozen, which makes filing them easier
 I stretched the Lb of ground beef, by adding some lentils to my usual recipe
 Fresh out of the oven
 Wed became pasta night, allowing me the chance to use one of 2 lurking jars of vodka sauce that DS brought with him when he moved in. I also used the last of the penne, a cut we really like, so I will replenish that once we've eaten down yet more of  the pasta on hand
 French green beans completed the meal
 as well as an option to have a stuffed pepper, if desired.  Thurs became take out pizza. Tried a new place, I wasn't impressed and thought they were expensive.
Friday night: chilli nacho taco bake, a casserole that we tried once before and liked. Again only 1 Lb of ground beef fed 6 people, thanks to the 2 cans of pintos in the recipe. I served Mexicorn with this, extra tortilla chips on the side.

 A pretty good week!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Checking on household supplies as well

 Since I have been out of commission, DD has been in charge of grocery shopping, working from a family generated list.  She is pretty good aboiut sticking to it, but items I wouldn't normally purchase have been selected in order to ease this temporary set back. We are buying bread at Aldi's, for example, rather than me even attempting to make it. Small concession. Time to try to reign in some of these increased expenses, if reasonably possible, and lower our expenditures. I decided to also check on the status of our general household supplies, mny of which were stockpiled at one point, so I have made efforts to use them up, or down to a smaller amount kept on hand, as well as to find cheaper and more ecological alternatives. Laundry detergent-just opened a new one, 2 more on the shelf. I have been very happy with this LA's amazing detergent from dollar Tree.  As much as I like Gain, for $2/month, I can't complain!
 I STILL have 3 large boxes of dryer sheets, we simply don't use the dryer much and although I have stopped using my preferred liquid fabric softener, since I use 2 'used" sheets for third drying, these go far! Next to them, an almost full bottle of LA's amazing orange cleaner that I decant into a spray bottlle for laundry spot treatment-another great product.
 I'm on a roll with LA's amazing, we still have 1/2 of a bottle in the kitchen, this is my backup down cellar.
 My general cleaning suppplies are really diminished. I keep some under the powder room and upstairs hall bath room sinks for cleanin the bathrooms on each level. I usually have WM "tilex" for mold control, Windex, a large canister of Comet/Ajax cleanser again DT), an all purpose spray cleaner. Cloth rags are stored under the kitchen sink, along with kitchen cleaning supplies which include an all purpose spray, glass cook top cleaners, DW powder, scrubbie pads, Brillo, Pledge, Murphys oil. Down cellar my stockpile stash holds some single purpose cleaners such as rug spot treatment, vinyl floor cleaner. Additionally,  I have a few canisters of Pledge, an extra lemon oil, 1 all purpose cleaner, 2 bottles amonia. I want to use most of that up.
 Lots of generic "magic erasers"
 Several extra pouches of generic "swiffer" pads -another item we'll use up and then switch to a spritzed microfiber pad over a mop head.
 DD just got an 18 pack of TP.

Personal care supplies are all in good supply, as well as first aid supplies. Tissues are down to 3 extra boxes, several of us are battling allergies, so this is  ananticipated need.
From afar, the cellar pantry looks great, but we already have some voids and in 6 weeks much of this will be eaten down/emptied.

While the MD hesitantly agreed to let me drive, I am to be ever so careful (I backed my car out of the garage tonight, had DS park inside instead, so i'd have wide clearance to turn around in the apron, and nose out onto the road. I understand what is at stake, so prudence is the word. I will drive to/from work and the rehab center at the hospital until I see the MD again in a month.

Meanwhile, the grocery list shrinks.

A quick look through the fridge

 is somrthing I do often, but especially on Sunday's as e prepare for the upcoming week. We remain in good shape, other than for milk and 1/2 & 1/2 which I can get tomorrow.
 Top shelf holds 4 meals:spaghetti w meeatball; wagon wheeel pasta w/ sausage bologese, beef stew, creamy chicken w/ br rice. I pulled some of these from the freezer. 2 are working late tonight, so they can grab n reheat.
 Sandwich prep: have cheese, cold cuts, a meaty ham bone to slice from
 Here's my lunch for tomorrow: the rest of the tuna pasta salad, canned pears.
 Produce drawer is filled but lacks variety: cauliflower, cabbages, 1/2 carrot, a bit of lettuce, lemon.
plenty of OJ for the a.m.

 Some apples remain which need to go
plent of bread