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Monday, July 28, 2014

Necessity is the mother of invention

I previously wrote about my custom spica that I now wear while my thumb continues to fuse. For comfort reasons, the OT gave me a knit tube to wear over my hand and a small peice of a gauze material for the thumb itself.
It needed a cleaning as it developed a funk. So, into the washer they went and I tried just wearing the Spica alone-not a plan! I found it to be very irritating, almost chaffing the surgical area. What to do?

I saw a spare, lone sock (other long dead) on my dresser. I had college boy cut it to my specifications, creating my own version of a tube to protect my hand:

Not bad! nice, soft, cotton and designer-it was a Ralph Lauren ankle sock that I upcycled.

All clean and fresh! I now have one to wear, one to wash. Awesome! as I have to keep this on until Sept.

CSA 2014

Today's offerings: pick your own blueberries and cherry tomatoes, savoy cabbage, 2 lbs red potatoes (or could have selected russets), large Summer squash (or 2 small), 2 pickling cukes, 2 large green peppers, scallions, 1 lb slicing tomatoes and this week's bonus: grab what you want wax beans!
I remain very happy.


The day has come when we can go up to Manchester and pick up DD's new to her, replacement car, following her accident. This will be the second car we have purchased in this city, life is much more affordable outside of Fairfield county!

On the homefront, more use it up continues. Bfst is the usual: choice of cold cereal w/o blueberrries or toast with assorted spreads (jam, butter, p butter), coffee or decaf tea. Lunch will be tuna salad sandwiches with choice of tomato, sliced American cheese. Dinner plans: chicken cacciatore using 2 pkgs of fzn chicken thighs, the rest of some white wine, a can of tomato sauce, 2 pints organic home canned tomatoes, my last can mushrooms, some fzn peppers and onions, assorted herbs. This will be served over the last of my brown rice. As I know that this will provide extra sauce, any leftover meat will be shredded off the bone and added back to the leftover sauce, with this planned over sauce being served on top of whole grain spaghetti tomorrow. Tues afternoons have a long standing medical commitment, so they are notoriously busy. Planning ahead avoids convenience foods/take out and keeps my budget in check.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday supper: quiche!

This week's Sunday supper: a chicken sausage-organic Kale quiche. I had planned on using chicken-apple sausages but discovered that we were out, so I grabbed my last package of chicken-red pepper-garlic sausage (Italian inspired) and that will have to do. I have some sharp Cheddar in the fridge which is starting to mold, so that will have to be used today., along with a bit of monteray jack and another bit of NY state Cheddar that I prize, as well as the rest of the eggs (now officially out), and some instant milk to save the fluid milk for the next few days. I also have a package of pie crust to use, so I will use Frugal Queen's quiche method. 

Sides: 2 vegetables. I am thinking steamed carrots (want to use these up), steamed organic  rainbow Chard.

Sliced organic tomato with option to drizzle some Italian vinaigrette if desired.

A dismal day, weather wise. The air just seems to be clinging over everything. The house is closed up, the bedroom A/C is on, fans are blowing the cool and dehumidified air about. Thinking cool thoughts. A friend is supposed to come over after church this afternoon so as to catch up and share some iced tea. Looking forward to some "girl time." DD will be working, the boys are with Dad until supper time tonight, so it'll be nice and quiet here. : )

Here's a new to me recipe for a fresh blueberry torte that my friend brought over this afternoon.Delicious! I asked her to forward the recipe to me.

A simple Saturday

Normally I serve sandwiches/soup (weather dependent) on Saturdays, thereby giving me a night off of cooking. Plans for Friday night changed, so DD and I had leftovers and the CP meat sauce was saved for Saturday. I used up the rest of some plain ziti, and added a bit of some rigatoni with lines. Leftover mixed vegetables were eaten up, a tossed salad offered alongside. This worked.

Just one load of laundry, and lots more packing. Busy day.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Grocery shopping when a move is imminent


When I confirmed that we are actually moving (back on Juy 15th when I signed a lease), I advised the family that we would not really be grocery shopping until we moved into the other house, we are to eat down what we have. We have been doing just that, which is apparent by what is in the fridge and freezer. My grocery list is long. We're out of many things, but making do on the short term.  This week, I did cave:

-a gallon of milk, a qt 1/2 & 1/2 from IGA under $8 (no receipt in front of me)
-2 take n bake pizzas, a head lettuce from Aldi  $12.27
-tub ice cream, bottle ginger ale from IGA $4.38

One essential that I felt I had to get as well, is toilet paper. We're down to one extra roll, but will be here 6 more days full time before moving. Luckily, CVS recently sent me a 30% off coupon that I downloaded to my card (printed out at store), AND another free CVS brand product up to $3 in value. Off to CVS we went: 1 100 count pkg of CVS bandaids (another essential), one 9 count package double roll CVS toilet paper. $6.83 out the door, saving $6.18 in the process. Nice.

Looking ahead to the next week, we should be OK, organic CSA pick up is Monday, we have plenty of produce on hand and have been enjoying it. Should we run out of milk? I will probably cave and get one more gallon but not more. If we run out again-that's probably it.

Moving update and a couple of freebies

Making business calls to confirm that the upcoming move for the first is a go. Only hitch is I won't have access to my friend's Suburban until the 10th so I am thinking of asking college boy to call and see if he can't keep the rental truck an extra day, with me paying for the extra day. Best to use a larger vehicle than go back/forth with a compact car. : )
Won some lavender essential oils from Lili on CreativeSavv-nice!


I also reaped the benefits of the bumper crop of blueberries at the organic CSA this week, and picked about 3 pints extra for the freezer. Tripple nice! We have been very pleased with this latest CSA.

Bfst this morning: blueberry muffins, some POM juice, vanilla yogurt and/or hard boiled egg(s) for protein, coffee
Lunch-grab what you can out of the fridge
Dinner: a tub of meat/zucchini spaghetti sauce in stretched with a large can of stewed tomatoes and simmering away in a Crock Pot, to be served over a blend of the rest of a jar plain ziti and some boxed Rigatoni with lines, topped with Parmesan; tossed salad with choice of dressing , some l/o mixed vegetables.

This will be a day of packing as well.