Monday, October 24, 2016

Time to put it away

Other than the vinyl covered gas grill, my patio is now bare. I brought a few planters, the watering can, the plastic chairs, the metal table, the umbrella and it's stand all inside, to be stored down in the garage until next year.
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Temps will be plumeting as of tonight and it's too dark now to eat outside, so away it goes!

One man's trash, or recycling in our home, is another man's treasure

DD's BF was recently here and during his stay, he went over to Whole Foods, buying himself some empenadas, which came in this really heavy duty, aluminum tray with thick, plastic cover. Once the foot was eaten, I thoroughly washed this out and have stored it with some other, not as sturdy trays for repurposing when I make lasagna for the freezer. This will be perfect. Another freebie.

Monday: planned overs

My larger, oval Crock Pot was simmering today, making a large Tupperware of rich stock to use this week. The bones, skin, residual meat that I initially missed off of the carcass will again be picked through once it cools down enough to handle. I usually end up with 1-2 cups more of meat this way.

*Update: this is what I got off of the boiled carcass

Monday's planned overs: l/o sliced turkey in homemade gravy over egg noodles, l/o aspragus, l/o roasted Butternut, l/o stuffing.

Today starts my crunch time: I am picking up another 2 nights (luckily all additional coursework will take place in my home city) of classes for the next month. In 2 weeks, a once a week day class starts, followed by 2 one time "work shop" type courses I am required to attend. A rough month ahead, so staying on top of what needs to get done, including quick to table, healthy meals which will use items purchased intentionally to get us through (such as sloppy joe sauce, fzn plain veg, canned no salt veg etc).

Auto maintenance: tires

With the change of weather, comes the beautiful Fall foliage, and a natural drop in temperatures.


But it also brings on this, PSI light telling, me that my tire pressure is off. After asking DS #1 to test my tires with a gauge, I made plans to go to the Toyota dealership early this morning. No appointment, but if I didn't mind waiting (I did my homework and studying in their waiting room), they will look at it. With me driving 2 nights a week to the next city, a good 35 minutes away, I am not taking any chances. I also still have one tire that was plugged, due to picking up a nail last year.

As luck would have it, my diagnosis was spot on: I only needed more air in all of the tires. Pressure switch reset, I was back on my way, relieved.

Cost: $0 as the tires and the car were purchased here. I'm calling this today's freebie.

Sunday supper: switching the menus around

Originally, I had chicken cacciatore on the menu, with planned overs carrying into Monday. I grabbed a 58/lb frozen turkey at Price Rite, so that became Sunday supper.
 These birds hail from North Carolina
 I only chose an 11 lber, meets our needs just fine. I oven roasted it with some all purpose seasoning, in my Great Grandmother's enamelware roaster with inner pan-they don't make them like this anymore!
 Steamed asparagus, homemade gravy
 oven roasted, organic Butternut squash, mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing with onions, celery, mushrooms, pomegranite infused Craisins

Steam seems to have clouded up the photo: a supper plate. Delicious!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Price Rite

 I had a quick errand down town, to drop of expired RXs at the police station for safe disposal. Was an opportunity to view some of the fairly new facility, meet a few more of the city officers. I have met a few at the farmer's market, held not far away. Today was the last day of the farmer's market this year. I wish that they had more venders, but 2 of them offer great produce, there is a nice selection, if one arrives early. I plan on returning next year. Since I continue to also buy produce directly from farmer friends, I didn't need to frequent the city's farmer's market every week. Since I was close by, I swung over to Price Rite. I needed some ingredients for supper as well as the upcoming week, and wanted to take advantage of a great deal they have. I bought: 1 mayo, 1 pkg gallon storage bags, 4 cans evap milk, Jewish Rie, New England hot dog buns, Kaiser rolls, grapes, Bosc pears, 2 cukes, celery, scallions, FL navels, milk, yogurt, 2 blocks Colby-Jack, buttermilk, sandwich buns. I needed to spend over $25 in order to get this:

a frozen turkey at 58/lb. Switching menus around, I will be roasting this tomorrow. Effective Monday, I will be attending classes 4 nights a week, the crunch time is on for a few weeks, getting stuff done ahead is a win-win, as would be having stock at the ready, meat for sandwiches. I spent $45.31.

Maintain what you've got

 Here are DS # 2's new leather boots. Already scuffed about 1 week into ownership. He has an on campus job, the reason for my encouraging him to buy them, and they need to be maintained, including weather proofed.
 I asked him to bring me the shoe polish basket. I have what used to be called Cavalier shoe creme, now it's "leather balm" which is a great leather cleaner, especially in Winter due to road salts. I have an assortment of shoe polish: tan, maroon, black, brown and blue.

I grabbed a soft, terry cloth towel rag as a work station and the mink oil and shoe buffing brush. I applied a nice coat of the mink oil, the boots are now "drying" and will later be buffed. I grew up with the habit of polishing shoes every weekend for the upcoming week. Same principal as laundering on the weekend, changing bed linens, batch cooking including a big meat meal on Sunday to allow planned overs and typically a sandwich filling if not soup stock for the upcoming week.