Saturday, May 28, 2016

Closing doors, opening new ones


There are a lot of changes on the horizon, with significant change ahead:

-We are moving to the city North of here, where I spend the bulk of my nonworking time, from restaurants, shopping, doctors etc. I am downsizing in the process: physically reducing my possessions (yay! not that we necessarily had a ton) along with my monthly living expenses. I have been planning this for some time, especially post divorce, choosing to live below my means, saving monthly, remaining out of debt, with the exception of some medical debt for which I have chosen to go on a no interest, monthly repayment plan with the hopsital, to keep my cash flow and savings  in check.

-Additionally, after 30 years, I am closing my classroom door. An incentive package was offered, and I am taking it. I will have time to reinvent myself, receiving 6 months additional salary along with a year of medical coverage at the lower, employee rate vs COBRA. I remain flexible: my paperwork with the state won't be filed until Feb 1.Meanhile . .

 I have time to start a new job, get training, if needed, coursework at one of the local community colleges or the state University in the city we are moving to. I have the option to choose to go back to my profession: either March 1, and continue working therby deferring my official retirement until later. Due to shortages in my discipline, even if retired, I am allowed to work 2 years AND collect retirement.  Frankly, at this point, if my door closes, I can't see returning. These past 2 years under new administration have taken their toll. I need to work, for insurance aloner mind staying active, earning some income. I am thinking  of trying the hospital, which is located close to the condo, and on the bus line, which would be a transportatiion option is snowy weather

-Financially? child support ends with the June payment. I have never counted on it, used it as a buffer. I will continue to have my same monthly salary until Mar 1, then it would drop approx 48% if I take retirement. I continue to turn over every rock, to see where changes/reductions can be made. I am also getting creative, seeking some additional revenue streams. This is do-able, I will need to continue to live purposefully. I am blessed to have a sizable savings account.

This is a positive situation, IMO. There are so many opportunities ahead for all of us:

-a better housing situation (not that our current one is horrible!) location wise, ameneties wise

-a much more culturally and economically diverse community to reside in-welcomed after living/working in affluenza

-city services including the bus line, which will be the chief transportation for one kidlet, and possibly special needs son; taxis are also an option. Having spent 26 years in a more rural suburb deep in the woods of CT, this is a significant

-an oppotunity for me to have TIME. I am seeking an entry level position so as to leave at the end of the day and not have hours of work ahead of me, ditto the weekends. I want time to enjoy the local parks, take in a concert, attend farmer's market, meet some new people/friends and
 to give back to the community through volunteer work. My old schedule has had me in constant survival mode, planning everything ahead, to ensure that the essentials were covered. I have been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Once the decision was made to go with an offer, I felt the burden lift. This is the right move for me, at this time.

 We will all be better off for it. : )

Friday night pizza

Just the girls for supper  last night. I mixed a batch of dough in the KA, proofed it in the microwave. This technique is really working for me. Time to unload the ABM?  Last's version used the reserved sauce from earlier in the week, hand grated Parmesan/Mozzarella (freezer stash)/Cheddar, onion. It was delicious!

Raising cash

Once again,  we received state surveys, this time for other members of the family. $4 towards moving expenses, for which I have created a word document, and I am logging/tracking expenses as we move.

I started with 6 window A/C units to unload. A few sold, but the rest languished. As I expected, once hot weather came, they flew out of here. People just don't seem to plan! Now, I am reading multiple "ISO" posts on local Facebook tagsale sites. Glad to have sold mine, getting exactly, of not more than what I paid for the 4 used ones I bought last Summer, which softens the financial blow of having to sell the one I bought new at the former rental, but we couldn't use it here, as the windows are smaller.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Freebies, moving expenses

 A few months ago, we filled out surveys for the state. Round 2 came here, and enclosed (2 surveys) were $2. More moving expense monies.
I picked up the paint I ordered at Home Depot, and was given this bottle of water as a thank you for using their on line ordering service, Nice,

I also bought the rest of the painting supplies, and a replacement refrigerator water filter. I used a 10%  off Lowe's coupon to help bring the cost down.

Just getting through

A quick top up to just get us through. We move in exactly 14 days. Milk, organic yogurt, assorted breads/rolls, tomato, celery, Romaine from Aldi's.

CVS: swabs, wipes, denture tabs. I am only out for part of the swabs (used CVS rewards $1) and the rest I am reimbursed for.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

lunches at home

 Leftovers tend to be the centerpiece of my lunches, whether at work or home. Wed. I had an ear of l/o butter/sugar corn, a small portion (all that remained) of the rotini pasta bake (Dd took most of it to work for her lunch)
Another hot day: l/o macaroni salad, l/o sliced tomatoes (I later drizzled some Italian dressing on top) and some freshly made, tuna salad on a plate. It hit the spot.

Here's a nifty trick

Yesterday, I called my mail order RX company, refilled a maintenance medication and also inquired about NOT getting child proof caps, which are hard for me to open, due to my hands. The customer service representative explained that all I need to do is push the center, quarter sized center of the cap and it will release the child proof portion, leaving me the easy open cap. Since it's mail order, they are required to only ship in child proof caps. I did have to use both hands, due to my limitations, to pop the center down, but ultimately was able to. Good tip!